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I Hate Remembering Passwords

I just want to say that I am so sick of trying to remember passwords and what email address I used to register where, etc. etc.

Can't we just hurry up and get to the point where we all have those little fingerprint readers (what are they called, isometrics or something?) so that the universe can just recognize me by that? I promise to avoid getting boo boos on the pads of my fingers. Just stop the password madness!

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Sometimes, It's Bad to Be Number One

I am only posting this here because I don't want to add any fuel over at my own site (http://www.bigdumptruck.com).

See, apparently, because I take random words and string them together to form semi-coherent thoughts, those random words can also be strung together in other ways. And apparently, something in this weeks entries have shot me to the top of the MSN search engine results if you are looking for...girls with big butts.

I did not write about girls with big butts. I certainly don't have pictures (if that's what they want). But yes, MSN is sending people to me. Maybe I should put a paypal link up and tell people I'll have my big butt send them a personal email - and then I'll just sit on the keyboard.

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Replaying the Ring Ceremony in Full?

Does anyone know if they'll be replaying the pre-game ring ceremony on any of the local stations, and not just the highlights? Some of us weren't able to plant ourselves in front of a tv at 2 in the afternoon, and I forgot to set the Tivo.

I know NESN and others have been showing highlights, but I want to see the whole thing.



Want More Jody?

If you want to read the "good" stuff, don't forget to visit my site:



More Bus Stuff

As a follow-up to my bad bus driver story, there's another listed in the local paper about a Fitchburg kid who got dropped off a mile from his house.




It's Alive!

To quote the Whos to Horton: "We are here we are here we are HERE!"

(Whos? More than one who, not whose. Is that right?)

Thanks Adam, for making West of 495 an official neighborhood. We like to think of ourselves as the Universal Hub Cul-de-Sac.


A Dunkin Donuts I Didn't Know About

If you have a Yahoo account, you can go to their main page and download a coupon for a free ice cream, today, March 2, only. It's to celebrate their 10th birthday.

What I learned by doing this, is that there's a Dunkin Donuts-Baskin Robbins combo shop in Harvard off the 111 exit, something I didn't know. Mostly because I stopped going that way when we moved from Boxborough to Leominster 11 or so years ago.

Woo hoo! Free snacks!

(And I was going to pick Religion for an appropriate topic group because we buy stuff at DD religiously...)


Why Billerica?

Okay, so why is it that if I want to post, there's no neighborhood for those of us who don't live in "Boston", unless we happen to be in Billerica. I mean, no offense to them, but I've been talking about Leominster on the web since 1996. Does that count for nothing?

Also, Leominster is home to the National Plastics Museum, which has to be worth SOMETHING.

Adam old buddy old pal, can we get a "West of 495" or "Worcester County" neighborhood? Pretty please?


Putting the "Accu" in Accuweather

Okay, 700 different weather sources tell me that Leominster is going to get 11-15 inches of snow in the next 24 hours. (See: Weather.com)

I went to Accuweather on my phone (to their wireless site, pda.accuweather.com) and punched in the Zip code for Leominster (01453).

Their report?
Today - Snow early, then more snow late in the day, accumulating a coating to an inch.
Tuesday - Snow with little or no accumulation in the morning.

So am I missing something? And which one do you trust?


Where are the Tedy Posts?

Why aren't the boston bloggers all over the Tedy Bruschi story? I want to know what's going on, and I trust you people to make it happen! Boston.com reports he had "Stroke-like" symptoms. C'mon, doesn't anyone have inside information???

Thanks to Adam for heading my call: http://www.universalhub.com/node/226

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