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I won't call him Mayor MeniNO* no mo'

So Tuesday of last week I used the mayor's online complaint/suggestion form to bitch about the rampant illegal parking in a Fenway/Kenmore resident zone on Ipswich Street during Sox games. I suggested making the street a tow zone during the hours it's residents only (after 6pm). To my surprise, a nice lady from the Department of Transportation (or some such agency) called me yesterday to follow up.(!) She gave me two pieces of information that made my day. First, the fine for illegal parking in a resident zone is up to $40 from $20, so it's roughly keeping pace with the cost to park legally on a neighborhood lot during baseball games. Second, she's calling the situation to the attention of a Jimmy Mansfield (I forget his job title but I think he's a state official). She said that during BU (I'm pretty sure it was BU, but it could have been BC) football games, the surrounding streets are temporary tow zones for nonresidents, and they're working on getting the same status for the Fens during Sox games. So yay for me, I'm civically active. :P

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Boston Rant #1

Here's something appalling I've noticed about Boston drivers:

They don't get out of the way for ambulances!

Read the rest of my rant here.


The Joys of Boston

Two experiences tonight, the first wonderful and the second annoying.

First, the good news. I went with Evan to see Same Sex America at the MFA as part of the Independent Film Festival of Boston. Great movie and great audience. Lots of cheers, or boos and hisses when appropriate (especially when Gov. Romney's face appeared onscreen). The filmmakers were there, as were most of the cast members, and they had a nice question and answer session after the film. This kind of film festival (we're going to see Stolen at the Brattle Theatre tomorrow) is one of the great things about living in the big city.


Rolling Stones to play Fenway


According to the March 14 edition of The Boston Courant, which I picked up at Jersey Street Liquors, the Rolling Stones will play two shows at Fenway this August. The paper doesn't have a website, so here's the text of the artcle.

Stones Slated for Local Concerts
by Jennifer L. Maiola
Managing Editor

The Boston Red Sox may soon get the satisfaction of bringing The Rolling Stones to Fenway Park for two concerts this August which will kick off the band's world tour.


Sox to buy more properties in the West Fens

Cross-post from my blog.

The Boston Globe says the Red Sox are looking to buy the Town Taxi garage on Ipswich Street and the McDonalds and WBCN building on Boylston Street.

'We have tried to stay quiet about it," said Janet Marie Smith, the architect of the Red Sox's plans to remake Fenway Park. She and other Red Sox officials said there are no immediate plans for major changes to the properties, though the deals should allow the team to continue to shift offices out of the park to make room for fans. ''We have been looking for anything in the area that might help us with our space problems," she said. ''It surprised us it took three years to find a single property."


Anybody know where to get FRESH beef sweetbreads?

Hi! I know this type of thing is better suited to the boston-online forums, but since they are suspended I thought I'd give it a shot here. Sorry if this is inappropriate for Universal Hub.

So I need to get my hands on some calf thymus, otherwise known as beef sweetbreads. I'm not going to cook it, although I found lots of recipes online. I need it for immunological research. [The thymus is one of the most important organs in the immune system.] Since I need to purify proteins from this stuff, it needs to be really FRESH. Definitely NOT frozen. Best case scenario: straight from the slaughterhouse.

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