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Careless smoker starts three-alarm fire that displaces 14 in Roslindale

Fire scene on Harrison Street in Roslindale

Harrison Street scene. Photo by BFD.

Updated with cause of fire.

The Boston Fire Department is blaming "careless disposal of smoking materials" for a fire this morning that displaced 14 people in a condo building at 36 Harrison St. in Roslindale.

Firefighters responded to the six-unit building at 6:17 a.m.

One resident was taken to the hospital.

The department estimates damage in the six-unit building at $650,000.

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Walsh said “careless disposal of smoking material” was the cause of the blaze.

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That was a $650K cigarette that displaced 14 people and sent 1 to the hospital. Hope it was worth it!

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From littering rules in smokers' minds.

Somehow it's ok to throw a lit piece of trash anywhere: beside buildings, onto beaches, out of cars.
It's nuts and should be stopped.

Good luck to the fire victims.

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We live just a few hundred feet from there. The sirens woke us up.

Couple of items...

First the Google map is off. The building is actually toward the stub-end of Harrison Street where it backs up the Fawndale Apartments.

One of the problems, and reason it went to 3-alarms, was that after the first companies arrived and were committed to the fire fighting operation, the driveway in the condo complex and stub-end street prevented additional aerial ladder trucks from getting in there. As a result they had to carry in hand ladders as seen in the above (and other) photos by BFD to get to some areas so as to make alternate entries to the building as well as to vent the different floors and roof.

There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floor to this building and a common attic space above that. The fire got up into the attic space which spans the building and traveled through it across a couple of the units.

This is a condo complex so those displaced were either owners, or renters who were sub-letting.

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