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Vermont isn't putting up with any Boston nonsense

Why Not Art?

On the way back from picking the kidlet up at school in western Mass., we detoured a bit up to Brattleboro, VT - a very interesting place, a bit like Northampton, only with more Subarus, and a bridge that lets you walk into New Hampshire. And we noticed we weren't the only Bostonians to have ever visited. The Not Art guy had been up there at some point and left some of his handiwork. But as you can see, a Brattleboro burgher was having none of it.



Smart. I once saw one of these modified to say that--"NOT SMART." . But I guess that wouldn't bother the artist at all, now would it? No, not at all.

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With her out in WESTMASS

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Go wash your mouth out with soap, right now. Or smash your keyboard or something.

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Next time you should get a drink at the restaurant at the bridge. You can drink in 2 states at once! And their bar bites are pretty good too.

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More Subarus than Northampton? I didn't think that was possible...

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Where the Wild Subaru roam!

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but why would you want to? I lived in Brattleboro for 8 years, and only walked across that bridge a couple of times, and that was to climb Mount Wantastiquet, from which you have an excellent view of Vermont.

I did swim across once, though, but in my defense I was not sober at the time.

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