Driver takes out light pole on JP parkway

Single-car crash on Centre Street

Thomas Papathanasiou shows us the aftermath of a one-car crash on Centre Street southbound, just before Louders Lane, around 1:40 a.m. on Monday.



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No Helmet

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It wasn't wearing a helmet!

I believe, IMHO, helmets save lights and every light pole should wear them at all times if they are going to be on dangerous roadways.


Too dangerous on major roads

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IMHO it is too dangerous for light poles to be on major roads where they can be hit by crazy traffic. They should not be allowed to be where drivers can hit them!


Yes, probably

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The light pole looks like it could fall at any minute, looks like they positioned the truck to stop people from driving under it

I'm sure

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I'm sure he honked several times at the light pole, but it didn't move out of his way!

safety is laughed at today where are the PSAs?

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1. 99 percent of people laugh at driving with 2 hands on wheel ...that is first problem
2. most cannot because there seat is poorly adjusted which is first problem
3. you cannot hold land if there is a hazard in road and may flip car...
4. you lose the split second to react and then overreacted causing many problem
5. no one has ever interviewed a dead driver.
6. as a result most drivers are driving with safety compromised including every car heading toward you...
7. problem is getting worse because more registrations on road and people using car more gas is cheap and uber and lyft drivers flooding street unfamiliar with nuances in roads they travel.
8. you your family and friends are at risk.
9. 1 person in MA dies everyday from this preventable nightmare
10. people are lazy and seats arent adjusted they will burn more calories trying to reach their hands onto wheel - their brain decides it isnt worth it..not wanting to burn calories due to poor diets..perfect storm results distracted driving doesnt help either.


How can you keep both hands on the wheel when you're checking your texts?

Use some common sense.


But officer!

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The light pole came out of nowhere!


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How often do you just zone out and drive on to the sidewalk? Like, not even notice that you are on the sidewalk for a while?

Perhaps once or twice a year?

I'm sorry

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you do?

Even only once a year? This is a thing?