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ExxonMobil will have to turn over a tankerful of climate-change documents to Massachusetts

Reuters reports the Supreme Court has rejected an appeal from ExxonMobil over a Massachusetts court ruling that it hand over documents related to the company's efforts to not just hide evidence of climate change but to discredit the science involved.

ExxonMobil had argued that state Attorney General Maura Healey was exceeding the bounds of the state consumer-protection law in demanding the documents. The Supreme Court's decision not to hear the case lets stand a Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ruling that Healey had the right to see them.

More filings in the various court cases (compiled by Healey's office).



Interested to see what documents come of this.

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In Scientific American. A small sample:

Furthermore, experts agree that Exxon became a leader in campaigns of confusion. By 1989 the company had helped create the Global Climate Coalition (disbanded in 2002) to question the scientific basis for concern about climate change. It also helped to prevent the U.S. from signing the international treaty on climate known as the Kyoto Protocol in 1998 to control greenhouse gases. Exxon’s tactic not only worked on the U.S. but also stopped other countries, such as China and India, from signing the treaty.

This is after the company ran extensive experiments that led its own scientists to conclude that fossil-fuel burning was causing increases in CO2 levels and global warming. Then they used consultants who had previously run the tobacco industry's campaign of denial of smoking health impacts.

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Doubt that "MS AG" will pursue this case -- She just wants the PR for trying to get the documents -- as these things work both ways. ExxonMobil and potentially others who are parties to the case are entitled to "Discovery" and "Cross Examination" if it ever was to come to trial

That process would expose the "Junk Science" of the "Global Warming Catastrophists" and shine the "light of truth" on the outright intellectual dishonesty and fraud of the East Anglia crowd and Michael "Hid the decline" Mann -- the very folks who provided the the "Settled Science" such as the discredited the Global Temperature" Hockey Stick" underpinning the economic power grab by the socialists posing as environmentalists

Note that this is not tobacco, smoking and the 1960's

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Michael Mann's hockey stick relied on data collected from other scientists as inputs to his calculations. Of the datasets he relied on, a grand total of 0 bytes is under his control.

His detractors have had 20 years to find anything wrong with his data or his code. They found nil. And the hilarious bit is that he was never much of CPU hog to begin with, and his hockey stick was published in 1998, which is 10 Moore's Law iterations ago.

If there was something wrong with his work, you could show it on a Chrome book nowadays,

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...that you think the abbreviation for Massachusetts is MS.

Now go defend a Confederate monument or something. It makes as much sense as your antiscientific hogwash.

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What would blaming ExxonMobil do to stop the continued construction of giant office parks along 128, the expansion of highways to support them, the terrible commuter rail and bus service in the suburbs, and parking zoning minimums in the city?

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hold these companies accountable. bankrupt them and return their misbegotten billions back to the people who've suffered - health problems, superstorm damage, the deaths of our future children in widespread climate collapse due to the petty shortsighted greed of corporate stakeholders. hell, take the money and burn it (cleaner fuel than oil!) - but they deserve punishment and all they love is money, so take it away from them.

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