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Four-story walk-up condo building in East Boston wins approval

The Zoning Board of Appeals this week approved a developer's plans to build a six-unit condo building at 66 Lubec St. in East Boston - with the proviso that he find a way to increase the size of one studio unit from the planned 397 square feet to at least the 450 square feet the city normally requires as a minimum for studios.

The top floor of David Grossman's proposed four-story building would be a roughly 1,300-square-foot, three-bedroom unit, whose occupants would have to walk up stairs because no elevator is planned.

The building, next to the 64 Lubec building Grossman already owns, would have three parking spaces. Grossman's attorney, Richard Lynds, said the site is less than a quarter mile from the Airport T stop.

The mayor's office, City Councilor Lydia Edwards and the Gove Street Civic Association all backed the proposal.

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Anyone have a link to the plan for the condo going up on Washington St where the upholstery shop used to be? I was surprised to see it was 4 stories - I didn't think that would be approved where almost everything else is capped at 3 stories.

Not a complaint, just interested in the site design.

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Lydia Edwards supported a new housing development? That's a pleasant surprise.

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They can't stop development unless they have a valid excuse or the zoning is out not up to code.

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"with the proviso that he find a way to increase the size of one studio unit from the planned 397 square feet to at least the 450 square feet the city normally requires as a minimum for studios"

This is silly. We have many studio apartments in Boston that are smaller than 450 sq ft, and they are perfectly functional. I lived in a 320 sq ft one in Allston for 3 years and it was plenty of space for one person.

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450 is more than enough for a studio. 400 square feet means a separate bathroom and kitchen. This is a dumb rule that is a big reason for the housing crunch. Most single people could live just fine in the city with 200 square feet of home. Need more space? Move, you're renting.

My 300 square foot Park Drive studio had a hallway with the bathroom and kitchen separate. It was slightly narrow, but no one NEEDS that much space. We apparently need at least 100 square feet or so for all the stuff we accumulate.

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That 400 should be enough, or 397. I lived in one that was probably about 397 sq feet (it was a bit under 400). I did not have a separate kitchen, but it was one of those "along the wall" ones. I had a separate bath that included a tub. It was cozy, I'm in a 600 sq foot place now, but sometimes I miss that cozy little studio. I'd have trouble with 300 sq feet, but everyone's different.

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Great.. a fifth floor on top of a brick 4 story building will block city views of neighboring buildings with exsisting rooftop space.
Neighbors can appeal this proposal.
Or every building on block will do the same, add a fifth floor unit. Maybe this will be a trend throughout Eastie add a fifth unit or fourth unit on top of a triple decker.

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Three-deckers are everywhere, but how common is a fourth floor apartment that you can reach only by climbing stairs?

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It’s not common at all , this is actually the first residential exsistiing residential building in Eastie .
Others on same street (Lubec) have made proposal in past for something similar but were denied.

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are full of 4 story walk-ups.

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