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Troopers save man trying to throw himself off the Neponset River Bridge

State Police report three troopers teamed up to grab a man about to plunge off the Dorchester side of the Neponset River Bridge early this morning.

At about 4:26 a.m., Troopers Douglas Mesheau, Bryan Caccamo, and Elvis Nguyen from the Massachusetts State Police- South Boston Barracks responded to the Neponset Bridge on Neponset Avenue for a report of a person trying to harm himself. Upon arrival, they located a man hanging off the railing on the outside of the bridge directly above the Pope John Paul II Park bike path. All three troopers immediately took action and grabbed hold of the man to prevent him from falling off the bridge.

Trooper Mesheau gained control of the man’s right hand while Trooper Nguyen gained control of his left hand and Trooper Caccamo grabbed hold of his belt. After persuasive conversation, the man complied with the troopers request to move closer to the side of the bridge, allowing the Troopers to lift the man up over the 4 ½-foot railing to safety.

The man, a 31-year-old Dorchester resident, was transported to a local hospital for evaluation, State Police say.

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Story of the year so fah for them goose stepping gangstas!

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Thanks, Officers, for preventing a tragedy.

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I'd probably put up with the inevitable mocking during middle school in order to be able to carry a name as awesome as that as an adult.

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There are over 30 Elvis Nyugens on Facebook. Mercy.

The tragedy is that there will come a day, very soon, where someone will head up roll call and look at the name and say "EL VICE?"... completely unaware of the King.

Nguyen means "musical instrument" and is a Chinese term. Google Nguyen and Chinese taxes. Thought provoking reading.

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Light shines on different day for folks, thank you officers for saving this man.

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