BPD cop suspended after Rhode Island strippers steal his gun

The Providence Journal offers details on how the offduty Boston officer came to lose his gun in Pawtucket. The Herald reports the unnamed officer was suspended while police investigate.


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ummmm, well....

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ummmm, well....

At least he didn't fool around once he realized it was missing - he called the local police.

Credit to Pawtucket Police, too - looks like they did this by the numbers instead of getting him the gun back and sweeping the rest under the rug.


I'm sure most aren't aware of

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I'm sure most aren't aware of it but cops (BPD especially) have been "hanging out" with prostitutes in R.I. for a VERY long time lol


What's the world coming to

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What's the world coming to when you can't even trust exotic dancers to have upstanding ethics and professional behavior?


ProJo buried the lede

The officer said he gave Melissa his keys to get his charger from his car

What response to incentives was he expecting from the woman who gets naked to earn her living? If I dealt with half the harassment she probably faces, I would seek access to a firearm too. If it were inside a locked vehicle to which the owner HANDED ME THE KEYS, I would think "free lunch."

I don't care for anybody in this story.



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So what?

I bet she didn't swear an oath or sign a code of conduct and get paid by the public.


My response was to the

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My response was to the previous posters remark that she was just a stripper, she’s clearly a prostitute. I see the two as being on very different levels.

Some questions for 'Officer

Some questions for 'Officer John'.

  • Do you always leave your phone charger in your BMW SUV when you go into a hotel room?
  • How did you learn the identify the dancers who were aspiring sex workers?
  • Can Police legally bring their city issued weapons to another state?
  • Do you always hand out your car keys to people that you just met?
  • When you hand out your car keys, do you regularly also hand out the key to unlock the cable gun lock?
  • Given the fact that you consort with known criminals, by your own admission give them access to your city owned fire-arm, why should the city not fire such a dumb person as a police officer?

I can answer at least a few.

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I can answer at least a few.

Police in the United States can legally carry their department issued firearms in any state. (Whether they should or not when they’re off duty is another question.) This is beneficial to our fugitive units who must travel to other states during the course of an investigation.

I’m not entirely convinced the gun was really secure in a cable lock and if that’s true, he should be charged accordingly.

The department should, and will most likely, fire him. He’s a new recruit and according to union and department rules, can therefore be fired any time during that. And I have faith they will get rid of him because clearly he has no business being a cop. It might take a little bit, but most of us agree that he’s all done.

On a personal note, I have been with the BPD for well over a decade now and I sincerely believe the quality of the people becoming police officers has detiorated in the last few years. I’m not sure if it’s the protests that discouraged qualified applicants from going through with it, or the increasing assaults in the country on law enforcement, or what exactly is happening. It’s getting scary, people who have no business becoming cops are getting our job and I think stories like these are going to become more common.

- a Boston Cop


Recruitment problems

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So you're saying that public intolerance for criminal actions by cops is leading to difficulties in recruiting cops not prone to such actions?

I suppose it's not entirely implausible. If cops get away with killing innocent civilians, which is what happens in most of those cases, a certain kind of low-life will probably see that and say, "wow, that's the job for me. You can get away with anything. If somebody scares you, you can kill them, and you get a few days off with pay. If that's true, you probably get away with a lot of other things too."


I thought someone would would

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I thought someone would would jump on that.

Recruiting all kinds of cops. So with a shortage of recruits in general, a lot of mediocre candidates have been slipping through the cracks during the background checks and allowed into the academy.

This is happening nationwide. Everyone from NPR to Fox News has written about this, with NPR specifically mentioning the protests.


- a Boston Cop


No he is saying people like SamWack can't handle it.

People like you can comment on the internet with no name and never have to make a difficult (or simple) decision on anything involving things police are forced to deal with. It is quite nice actually, I don't blame you, you can call people killers and racists, and never have to deal with a situation that involves race or violence. Good for you.



Although if that is all you have that is pretty pathetic. People like you are the reason we have Trump as president.

If you want to have a serious conversation, ask yourself why you couldn't be a police officer. I know the answer, and it probably makes you feel real small knowing that.


This was a serious conversation

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Then you came along with your I AM COP BLAH BLAH BLAH THUG BLAH ME IMPORTANT!!!!!

Go back to reading back issues of Pax Centurion and get over yourself.

I can't believe my hard earned money was used to pay your salary with that attitude.

Lol liar

anon it stopped being serious when you got here. You got but hurt bad on this one. Pax centurion garbage, no one reads that.

In all seriousness Zach had the bootlicking comment which ended it (assuming he had nothing better to say)

Then you came in about hard earned money lol. Doubt it.

In all seriousness Zach had

In all seriousness Zach had the bootlicking comment which ended it (assuming he had nothing better to say)

No, this stopped being a serious conversation when you went on your self important rant about how hard and dangerous your job is and everybody needs to respect you. Everybody has a hard job and police work isn't anywhere near as dangerous as the average cop advertises it to be. Garbage men are 8 times more likely to get killed on the job. Just because you were a C student in high school and decided to be a professional bully doesn't mean anybody has to kiss your feet. Get over yourself, you entitled jackass.

Never said anything about danger or respect.

And you always seem to be stuck on that for some reason. Face it, it hurts you to know why you wouldn't do the job either. You couldn't handle it. And probably not because of the "violence" you seem obsessed with. 99% of the job is dealing with people, and I bet people don't like you or respect you.

Hey, I make about 5X as much in real estate than I do working in the public sector, and I would bet my kids lives that I got better grades than you and went to better colleges after that.

Keep on being the internet hero, and yes, it is because of people like you (white man you brags on the internet) why Trump got elected. Because people don't like you and you know it. And it hurts.

Face it, it hurts you to know

Face it, it hurts you to know why you wouldn't do the job either. You couldn't handle it.

Why do you keep saying things like this? I don't want to do your job, because I don't believe in your objective or your methods. Like I said before, everybody has a hard job. What difference does it make whether I could do your job or not? You probably couldn't do mine either. I have a masters degree and I'm one of the least educated people on my team. Who gives a shit? That doesn't make what I do noble and the fact that you also have a difficult job doesn't entitle you to the lionization that you think everybody owes you. GET OVER YOURSELF.

Nice deflection

Didn't work, though.

Your comment was intended to derail the conversation about accountability. You will deny it, in a testalying sort of copsplaining way, but it is the truth.

Accountability to the citizenry is important. You are merely underscoring exactly why it is important with your little slimy conman rhetorical tricks.


You are the biggest trick on this site. And sadly you are the only one who doesn't realize it yet.

9 Upvotes for that nonsense?

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9 upvotes for that paragraph of nonsense I just read? seriously?

"If cops get away with killing innocent civilians, which is what happens in most of those cases..."

This is what people are getting out the (anti-police, soft on criminals) agenda being pushed by the (mainstream) media since around 2014 or so, and now they have heard it so many times, they come on small websites and post it themselves as fact! It's brainwashing, and I feel bad for the disillusioned souls who live their lives and form opinions based on what the news tells them is "true".

Nonetheless, fire this idiot who doesn't know how to properly secure a firearm.

a Boston Cop.

a Boston Cop.

Thanks for your comprehensive answers.

Regarding your observations about the quality of new police recruits. I'm old enough to have interacted with Police since the 1970's. My purely anecdotal impressions are that the overall the quality of police is much better than officers who were hired in the 50;s and 60's. Today there is much more more and bettter training as well an overall commitment to officers thinking about how they interact with civilians.

Having said that I met some great cops (WWII and Korean War vets) back in the day, and have also met some present day cops who have power issues and don't belong in the job. Given your repsonses (and Pete Nice's regular responses), I can easily imagine that you;re one of the good guys.

You are right Peter....

Probably up until the 1980's, police violence was pretty bad. I heard stories of cops just punching people in booking, on the street or lots of other places for various reasons. Then there was the corruption as well. Probably less than 10% of the cops had college degrees, and the pay wasn't great either.

Although you still see it (corruption and violence) at some level, you never see the things that I heard about in the 1970s.

Oh, I can answer one of these

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• When you hand out your car keys, do you regularly also hand out the key to unlock the cable gun lock?

"(He’d left the keys to the cable lock in the cup holder, according to the police report.)" —ProJo stoty

Why redact his name?

I know technically he is the victim of a crime but he is also a law enforcement officer and it would be nice to know the name of someone so careless and stupid.


I'm not saying this guy is

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I'm not saying this guy is definitely a john, but isn't there a thing about publishing the names of johns?!


Florida man aint who you think he is

Apparently our understanding of Florida Man's psyche and behavior stems from observation bias. Florida laws make police arrest records much more easily available online, which makes Florida a rich trove for reporters looking for bizarre human interest stories. Florida Man... he's a lot like you and me.


So you're telling me that if

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So you're telling me that if Massachusetts had sunshine laws we'd be the Florida of New England?

Turtleboy Sports would probably be worth like a billion dollars after that.


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Florida laws make police arrest records much more easily available online

Say what you will about Florida, but there's another reason it's called the Sunshine State: Florida has some of the most liberal public records access laws in the nation. It's very easy to get records of all types from government agencies there. They are a model for the rest of the country in that regard.


Mass. is surprisngly bad on that count


Massachusetts ranks among the lowest states in the nation when it comes to giving its citizens access to records [...]
The state earned a grade of F and ranked 40th, below states such as Mississippi and Arkansas, in the category of public records access, according to the Center for Public Integrity, a nonprofit, nonpartisan investigative news organization.

On Cops

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Some cops are very blue collar with families and they stay in line with the typical prole values. Others are pretty much small-time criminals that have obtained a gun and badge.... roided-out meatheads, habitual #metoo violaters, etc. The female cops are the rough-around-the-edges types that prefer to date guys like this. Pretty much all cops are rough customers when they want to be.

This is how it has to be in our society. You aren't going to have an effective police force with craft beer drinking yuppie Bros that work in Finance or vegetarians posting on the internet about child laborers harvesting cocoa in Nigeria.

How much do you really want to punish a dog for peeing on the rug? Give the guy a week suspension without pay for being careless. Any more punishment and we are compromising the effectiveness of the police.


Yeah sure

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Are you like, a poster I should be paying attention to? Yeah why don't you link me to some of your Good Posts there, chief?


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Back in the day the I-Team did a story on a Transit cop who used his police car to transport strippers and hookers to their destinations. When one of the customers refused to pay the officer mailed him dead rats which somehow got sent to the Milton Hospital which was forced to shut down as a hazards scare. The officer was never charged with a crime nor disciplined. He did resign later as his other job as a pimp paid better.

Well I think

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as long as Officer Redacted didn't give that young women her black eye (which he is apparently not accused of), then he should just be slapped on the wrist. A big, painful, shaming slap, yes, but he should be allowed to retrain to be a police officer, with particular attention to the risks he undertook that he was apparently too dumb to mitigate, and, as well, some sensitivity and awareness training about the social and emotional stressors of the population he engaged to "hang out" with.

Limerick Warning

A BPD cop in Pawtucket
Left his phone charger inside his Truck, yet
The woman, he charged her
To fetch him his charger
Took his service gun, then off she went.

I'm sure others can do better.

Slap on the wrist? Haha.

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Slap on the wrist? Haha. Police,Doctors,Nurses,construction,etc are jobs you can't be careless in. Had they not been caught that gun would've eventually been used on someone. Firing him will in no way change people wanting to be cops but there's too many idiots in the police force. As far as the quality of police that depends on who you ask. I've had more cops than I can count tell me about how so n so is planning to do harm to me or a family member and how they "don't give a shit". This was in my early teens longgg time ago lol. There's also been times that bpd has watched a guy or two getting ready to shoot someone n didn't do anything until after the shooting. Before the "cop hater" comments roll in I don't hate police or even dislike them even tho I've had some bad experiences with them. I've met great people who are cops/c.o.'s.