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Parents of South Boston toddler killed by careening van hope to fund playgrounds in his memory

WBZ interviews Kerri and Brendan McGrath, whose 2-year-old son, Colin, died when two cars collided at L and East 6th streets and one ran into him last July. They've set up Colin's Joy Project to help build two playgrounds in his memory and to bring family-friendly programs to South Boston.




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from the continued enforcement of traffic violations that resulted from this accident. /s

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them everywhere including in the middle of the fucking street. end car madness. blessings to that family.

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Turn every block where a driver killed a pedestrian or cyclist into a park like pedestrian only zone/protected bike lane and a memorial to the victim. Maybe drivers will start caring about following the laws and not killing people when they are slightly inconvenienced by all the memorials they have to navigate around. Best wishes to the family and I hope they succeed.

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glad to see they've honored his memory with this project. there are tons of families in Southie, mine included, and the roadways are dangerous. looking forward to supporting the play spaces. wish that there would be a way to continue advocating for road safety on Broadway, L Street, etc. - after the police presence went away it's pretty much back to how it was before the tragedy with Colin.

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