Madison Park High School gets a food truck

Not one to feed students, but one in which culinary-arts students will feed hungry Bostonians this summer, the Dorchester Reporter reports. "There’s no curriculum for food trucks anywhere in the state, so I was like, all right, we’re gonna create our own," the teacher running the program says.


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Great Idea

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Its a great idea, and I bet it will be super affordable.

I went to a VocTech (part year) in high school, and they had Culinary Arts. They opened a restaurant in the school (facing a busy street) and it was a pretty neat place to eat.


I remember Culinary Arts in

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I remember Culinary Arts in high school! Every friday, 5$ for a way better meal than anything the cafeteria was serving.


Fantastic....we need more VOC

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Fantastic....we need more VOC in this city. Not everyone wants to go the college route and you can make a damn fine living with your hands!


No future in food trucks

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Every time I hear about some new educational initiative it's always for some no show elective or other fun (i.e. easy) course offering. None of the schools are ever asking for more difficult books with fewer pictures.

I don't know about food trucks either. A person can barely make a living owning a moderately successful food truck. From an operational standpoint, it's one of the easiest businesses to run. Leave the food truck business to burnt out lawyers looking for a career change or cast-off restaurateurs.

My impression is that it’s

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My impression is that it’s supppsed to give a group of students experience running a de-facto restaurant. That could certainly help them get and succeed at good restaurant jobs in the near future.



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I wonder if there are any other related skills involved in setting up and operating a food truck or any other eatery business?

budgeting, logistics, sales forecasts and trends, market research, publicity.
no, im sure those are totally irrelevant.

and i mean, if "there's no future" in food trucks, then why are there so many of them?
besides, no one ever said this was to funnel kids into a food truck career. it's one class. why are you so bitter about it?


I'm a busy man

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I don't have much time to answer these rhetorical questions because I have a lot of internet posting to catch up on. Admittedly, I didn't put much thought into food trucks prior to my post.

Sales forecast and research? Yeah ok, this isn't Monsanto earnings season with budgeted CAPEX bro. You acquire a truck, maybe hire a couple employees, and serve like 4 menu items during lunch, then smoke weed the rest of the day. About as simple as a business can get. We're only about a step removed from a lemonade stand here.

There is one food truck that serves nothing but dumplings. They throw frozen dumplings (like the ones from Costco) on a grill, serve up 4 with a side garnish of Asian slaw or arugula, and charge $5. They're actually pretty decent but you gotta be kidding if you think it's necessary to take a class for this. LOL

Quoth the Clash: "The future is unwritten"

So you are going to advocate for a business management classes at Madison Park then?

Not even being (completely) sarcastic. It'd actually be a great idea; not just for culinary arts vocational training but all the vocational-technical training available at Madison.

A partnership with, say, the D'Amore-McKim School of Business could really be positive for MPHS.

you're still missing the point

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but I've seen you around here, that's kinda your jam.

at any rate, i'd love to see you even be able to calculate price per dish for even 5 menu items taking into account ingredients, overhead, employee wages, comparable market prices and your own profit as owner.


Imagine being bitter at food trucks, hahaha

Culinary arts is just ONE of many vocational opportunities available for Madison Park students...and this is to provide them with hands-on experience in a different setting.

Per the Dot Reporter article linked to this: this is also a paid internship.

What did food trucks do to you though?

Or do you just like being upset at local vocational high school students? Or something else?


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I wish my high school had

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I wish my high school had offered a curriculum that integrated classes with real-life applications, like a vocational school. Besides the culinary aspect, running a food truck business requires math/accounting, marketing, learning about city permits, auto/equipment repair, etc - a lot of skills that will help kids regardless of what field they end up in.