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Mattapan cemetery memorials vandalized like the one at Castle Island

Vandalized memorial at Mt. Hope Cemetery in Mattapan

Photo by BPD.

Boston Police report several memorials at Mount Hope Cemetery in Mattapan, including one dedicated to fallen Boston officers, were vandalized.

Other memorials that had some type of fluid poured on them include a memorial for fallen servicemen from the Civil War through World War II and Knights of Columbus and Mason memorials.

In a statement, Police Commissioner William Gross expressed his disgust:

How incredibly distasteful and disheartening it is to learn about the damage done to the memorials at the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Mattapan. Clearly, these memorials are meant to honor and show great respect to those, whether they be veterans or police officers, who spent a lifetime in dedicated service to our city and nation. I find it beyond reprehensible and wrong that anyone would think it okay to damage and desecrate such hallowed grounds. Clearly, we hope to quickly identify and hold accountable the person responsible for these misguided and hateful actions.

Anybody with information can contact detectives at 617-343-4712 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

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Could this be lefties who hate monuments to real heroes?

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or, like... what?

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That's what it sounds like to me too.

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Racist Monuments
By Carmella on Tue, 03/19/2019 - 11:43pm
Could this be lefties who hate monuments to real heroes?

To 'her' and the (currently 7) people who gave the comment a thumbs-up:
Shame on you.

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What we do know: there are people out there who are dumb enough to listen to idiots on their teevees exploiting their know nothing tribalism for their scams.

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Could this be an annoying troll? It's hard to say.

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Could it be a racist Trump voter who vandalized the monuments? After all, republicans LOVE the racist confederacy so it would make sense for them to be the ones who vandalized a civil war monument dedicated to the Union side.

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Since we all know well how much Trump supporters hate cops.

Conversely, The left hates the military and cops, so my bet is that whoever did this didn’t vote for Trump.

Also, seriously, my bet is that the perp has mental health issues. But since this was obviously a political statement, I go with socialists.

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His supporters have quite literally said they would support a dictatorship but only if it was Trump.

They've been conditioned with the strongest mental gymnastic to hand wave away everything shitty he's done, hence the devote Evangelicals that continue to support him. They will toss cops under the bus as soon as its convenient to their support of dear leader.

Maybe a socialist did it, maybe not, hopefully we find out. But don't pretend Trump supporters actually have any consistency to their belief structure.

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And God knows he gives people enough opportunities, but once again, if we are going to randomly speculate that the perp has political leanings based on the evidence at hand, socialist is as valid as Trump supporter, while those of us who have a lick of sense just think that it's a person with mental health issues.

Now, the desecration of the Jewish cemetery down on the South Coast. I'd argue that Trump was not behind it, but I would put money on whoever did it being a Trump supporter, because there is a logical progression there.

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I actually agree with you.

I'm talking about your naive belief that Trump supports won't throw the police, and others, under the bus when its convenient for them.

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If you get to a certain level of zealotry, there's a level of blindness. Your average Trump supporter, some of whom comment here, would come out in support of the police and military, but then again your average anything wouldn't go around pouring oil on statues.

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The way [Individual-1] constantly is brought up on this site...in posts that concern the most Boston, Mass.-specific things is hilarious.

Reminds me of how people find ways to constantly bring up their crush in conversations with others.

Just a reminder: Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Stormy Daniels are both Republicans. And left wing, right wing, chicken wing, X-Wing...partisan national politics have the most tenuous connection to, like, Brookline bully turkeys and MBTA delays.

Anyway, here's a IG page with some excellent memes. This page goes hard in critique of the left AND the right:


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Use a decoy monument to lure the vandal, as was done in New York:


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Does anyone know if there’s any way to donate towards the clean up or restoration of these monuments?

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I wonder if this is the same guy (you know it's a guy) who did Castle Island or if this is a copy cat. Either way, c'mon people, get a a friggin' life.

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