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Aural and oral history of the Channel

The Channel Story is a podcast and blog about the fabled Fort Point venue.

Based on the vivid recollections of club founder Harry Booras, we'll cover the too-true-to-believe tale from the club's beginning in 1980 to its inglorious end at the hands of Boston's most ruthless mobsters.

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i went to this place quite a few times. the last time was in november 92.the band was alice in chains. we somehow wound up right next to the stage, next to an exit. Right before the the band came on they dragged a guy to the exit where "security" kicked him in the head three or four times and then threw him out the door, headfirst, onto the cold cement. alice in chains blew the roof off the place.

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That must have been during the mob years (months?). Not that the regular security was necessarily any better, but as I recall, it closed down on New Year's Eve 1991 when the doors were chained shut and prevented the Cramps from playing as booked.

I played in an opening band on New Year's Eve 1992 (once the mob had taken over) and it was one of the more memorable nights of my musical 'career'.

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ive been in a few shady bars and ive seen quite a few people removed in rough fasion. this guy was unconscious when he went out the door.

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Was there ever a time when that place wasn't run by shady characters? It was so obvious. The beer was so watered down there was never a trace of carbonation or a head. It is now the parking lot is so richly deserves to be.,

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The biggest dance floor in the city.
Great nights

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