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Citizen complaint of the day: Guess I have to keep my granddaughter off the rear deck for now

Coyote in West Roxbury backyard

A concerned West Roxbury citizen took a look out his or her back window and suddenly needs advice from 311:

My three year old granddaughter likes to play on the deck at ten in the morning while I watch her through the screen-doors/window. Is it better for her to always play inside now?

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not Boston.

It extends into Boston.

When did Chestnut Hill become part of Boston? or is 311 for suburbs as well?

But the Chestnut Hill Zip code does extend into Boston - all the way to VFW Parkway (see this page about the West Roxbury Bruegger's, and this page about the Harvard Vanguard clinic that used to be in West Roxbury but which is now in "Chestnut Hill" even though it's in the same exact place).


311 turned into a parental advice column so gradually that I didn't even notice.


But no, don't bring her inside to play. Not a good idea.


To hear you with, Grandpa


Martha brought in what she thought was a stray dog. It wasn't a stray dog.


It's better for you (and your neighbors) to refrain from doing things that attract coyotes in bold daylight. This includes: leaving garbage or pet food out, having bird feeders where seed ends up scattered on the ground (which attract squirrels, which attract coyotes), having an open compost pile, letting pets run around loose, and saying "Oh look a coyote" and taking pictures instead of scaring them off.

I agree with cleaning up your property. Garbage and edible stuff is the main attraction. I would walk the property and make sure there is nothing that could be a den. Impenetrable underbrush, etc.

What is this about having to scare them off? Am I negligent if I just ignore them? My little dog is definitely bait size, but I that's why she stays on leash.

If you want your property coyote free, then you need a 6 foot fence that goes down at least a foot into the ground. I am not sure that driving coyotes away generates actual fear.

Just put a cowbell outside with a mechanism that allows you to reach out and ring it.

By coyote!

By "scaring them off", I mean giving them the clear idea that they should avoid humans. Making noise, etc. Here's the thing: when wild animals become habituated to human presence, it usually doesn't end well for them. So, it doesn't matter if it "generates actual fear", as long as they know that to avoid humans. Otherwise...there are a lot of sad stories. Do the coyotes a favor, don't try to be friends with them.

Also, don't leave your delicious children on the deck.


in the bottom of the recycling bin so they won't be noticed.

have spoken once again.....

One in my yard barely moved when confronted.
They have been conditioned to humans.
so far no human attacks, but it is still dangerous.

How about reading some of the billions of recent articles on what to do? Go make a lot of noise. Spray them with a hose. Yell. Scream. Make yourself big and scary!

There - all done now.

"Put that double barrel shotgun and fire two blasts" - Joe Biden

She should be inside with you, since you can't be bothered to actually be with your three year old granddaughter while she plays outside.


Put a bounty on these vermin. You people who get a misty-eyed over these nonindigenous pests are going to get children killed sooner or later.

Only 2 confirmed deaths are attributed to coyotes. We need to stop destroying the balance of nature and then question why we have real vermin like rats and pigeons.


But what about all the unconfirmed deaths? DUN DUN DUNNNN!


According to Wikipedia there is one unconfirmed death from 1929.

They are filling an ecologic niche. You won't eliminate them. The more you hunt, the more pups they have. Also, bears.

Take your hopalong fantasies out to somewhere people might listen. It won't make them factual reality, but you might feel better in the company of people as stubbornly fact-resistant as you are.


Yeah, despite being illegal, shooting firearms in residential areas is hazardous to residents, perhaps children.

Poison? Trap and beat with clubs or stab while in the cage with spears?

Go for it.
But look out for the vigilantes.
You're just lucky the TLF is not allied with coyote/coy wolf militant organizations.