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John Harvard's closing in eponymous square

Boston Magazine reports that John Harvard's on Dunster Street will shut forever at the end of this month.



That would be a great spot for a bank, maybe one with a Starbucks inside?


There was a Starbucks right upstairs, but it closed in February.

A bank with a Peets inside

How about a cell phone store?


I think it's about time harvard square has two CVS's again


John Harvard's was a favorite of my wife and myself for many years. But in recent years the menu kept shrinking and the portion sizes kept shrinking and yes, the numbers of other people eating there kept shrinking. And the reasons to go there likewise kept shrinking. We just had to wonder how long it was going to hang in there.


It's even more interesting that their last day of business will be the same day as Harvard University commencement.

Loss of the Tastey still burns in my gut, much like the hot dogs that one could reliably get there after a late refreshment at the Hong Kong. Return of the Bow & Arrow would at least be a step towards appropriate reparations.

Let Fire and Ice move into that location.

I could not begin to calculate the amount of meals, time or cash I spent there since even before I was legal to drink. There was a time where at least once a week, dinner and a sampler was had, then we'd head elsewhere. Many nights spent, maybe friend dinners, and then I started taking my own wife and kids there too.

I would say the last good meal I had there was Thanksgiving weekend 2014. You could still get that flaky chicken pot pie that was too hot to eat for like 20 minutes, and the IPA was my favorite. When I was trying to keep my weight down, I ate their Aztec salad for many of my meals, as the younger me through a salad plus two beer samplers was better than a burger and a beer.

For me, the JH I loved was gone years ago, but my hope is that a similar restaurant (ooh a Trillium Brewpub maybe) will take its place.

I agree with several of the old cranks on here about the decline of the square and have written letters (both email and physical) to Cambridge politicians, but honestly they are more concerned about their commercial tax base and changing the name of Columbus day to appeal to their faux progressive base.

Their house-brewed beer was pretty damned good for a couple years there, particularly for the price point. Once they stopped actually brewing there, in 2016 or 17 I believe, the writing was on the wall. The food was never great. Nonetheless, a good "middle ground" type spot between all the fast-food chains in the area and Alden & Harlow. Not much left in that middle ground in that neighborhood, and can't imagine that anything worthwhile would be interesting enough to take over such a huge space.