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So many candidates, so little time: District 5 council hopefuls to meet in forum

Progressive West Roxbury/Roslindale is hosting a forum for multitude of candidates for the District 5 (Roslindale, Mattapan, Hyde Park) seat that Tim McCarthy is giving up this year.

The forum starts at 6:30 p.m. on May 23 at St. John Chrysostom Hall, 4750 Washington St. in West Roxbury.



I know the name makes some folks cringe, but he is the most qualified candidate with the best lens on what folks in Boston need.

What's he specifically proposing to do thats better than the other candidates?

I'll admit I'm very unlikely to vote for him due to the family connection but maybe he's a better candidate than his kin.

He is very knowledgable about education issues as many of his family members are teachers. He is a pubic defender so he knows about criminal justice, mass incarceration, and ways that we can keep ICE out of our courthouses and schools. He is a proponent of the "flipping tax" that will hopefully help with our housing crisis. Most importantly, he is likely to side with 7 other council members (depending on who wins) to give the council the power to override the Mayor's veto power.

Very important in this day and age in Boston. Looks like Giving Tree Health Center are his team.

I would imagine, if they're smart, they are donating to all of the candidates who have a shot at winning. Don't know who the other frontrunner(s) are in this race, but they are probably getting donations too.

Just took a look and he's only one so far. But I'm sure he's got our best interests at heart when taking $5k+ from a business which wants to open up in JP.

keep ICE out of our courthouses and schools??

That is one of your top examples of what all Bostonians want?

hate to break it to you - but not all Bostonians want that. Gasp.

ICE has a job to do, and I (and many others) welcome them to do it.

City councilors also have a job to do - I want a district city councilor that is focused on keeping our streets safe, business districts busy, education for our youth, employment, and constituents engaged.

"He is a defense attorney so he knows about mass incarceration"? does he also know about the repeat illegal gun offenders who are responsible for the majority of the shootings in Boston? or the massive drug problems facing our city/neighborhoods?

"He is knowledgable about education issues as many of his family members are teachers". I have teachers in my family and I have been a student for much of my life, that doesn't make me even remotely qualified to guide policy or programming for schools - good lord.

I have a cousin who is a defense attorney, so I guess I'll just go down to WR District court tomorrow and offer my counsel to a defendant.

Do you work for his campaign? Christ, I want to give the guy a fair shake - but you're already setting him up as an anti-criminal justice, anti-law enforcement, pro-illegal immigration candidate.

If that is the case, I'm a hard pass.

Just a majority of voters in District 5.

wrong again my friend... as much as you would like to think otherwise.

But that is what makes Boston (and district 5) an amazing place to live - engaged neighbors, and DIVERSITY of thought, beliefs, etc....

He has said in multiple interviews that District 5 residents are the victims of severe public transit inequity, especially with regard to the MBTA.

With regard to the pot industry, he's in line with Councilor Janey's proposed ordinance, which gives licensing preference to city residents as well as folks from communities most harmed by the warm on drugs as opposed to larger organizations from outside of the city.

And frankly, in a district that is majority-minority, it's time for a councilor that better reflects the lived experiences of their constituents. McCarthy isn't a bad guy, but he has spent his time in the council focusing on his 50+y/o Readville residents with little done for anyone else.

2019 D5 is a big, diverse field, though, which is why we should try to make it to this forum to hear everyone's argument!

I always thought once you started down the hill past the drug bazaar / CVS plaza you were in West Roxbury.


St John's is closer to Hyde Park than it is to Roslindale... the property touches Hyde Park.


Why, look at their Web site URL, even.

But one thing I've learned living all this time in District 5: People here are pretty smart and will be able to find their way to the church even if it is (barely) outside the district.

The church, rectory, and most importantly church hall are in fact in the district. Sure, you can see District 6 from each, but they do sit within the district.