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Being a Red Line rider is like riding a bike

Except the bike is dead. And it's in a tunnel. And you're in a watery hell.

The MBTA is reporting 25-minute delays on the Red Line due to a train stuck in the tunnel approaching Alewife. Or as Bronxilu describes it:

For all of you wondering, yes a #redline train broke down, we stopped mid tunnel, and now water (I hope) is leaking through the ceiling.

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Yes, I broke the rhyming-headline rule for posts about MBTA delays. Don't worry, I'll go back to it with the next delay (attention Orange Line riders, the next delay is now approaching the station); it's just this situation called for something else.

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LOL, even without the rhyme it worked Adam. According to my fifth alert of the night, it's up to 30 minutes now -- so can only imagine what it actually is!

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The air conditioning systems usually leak in the summer

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There is also some kind of long standing issue with the tunnels in North Cambridge where water is constantly leaking in. I believe it was reported on this site at some point.

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If a northbound train close to the end of line is busted then why in hell are all the southbound trains not moving. I am now in an Uber because was at Park Street for 20 minutes and the monitor posting Braintree train 1 minute away yet was waiting far longer than a minute. I bartend nights after working a my 9-5 and once again I'm late for my shift. It's an insult to all commuters in the greater Boston area. Oh and I can't forget that I pay even more now

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If you can't move one train, other trains need to hold. What, do you think they can stack them up at Alewife?

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About being a 61sevener is the MBTA.

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It can be affected somewhat by wind, rain, and heat, but for the most part, if it takes me 30 minutes to get somewhere today, it will take me the same time tomorrow or next week or next month.

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