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8-year-old victim of July Fourth shooting is daughter of one of the suspects

WBZ reports that the girl who was shot in Mary Hannon Park along with a 35-year-old man is the daughter of suspect Nathas Jacquecine and niece of suspect Ian King. The older victim will likely be paralyzed for life.

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Wait what??? Smh the father couldn't have ment to shoot his own daughter. Sounds like a domestic situation and the child got caught in cross fire. Poor baby. And the dad has to feel like a POS on top of the fact now he has a serious new case of attempted murder.

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That's for shooting and paralyzing the man. Innocent until proven guilty and all, but maybe withhold some of the pity for him pending the outcome of his trial.

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What kind of POS decides that a gun is the way to solve any "domestic situation," let alone one where his 8-year-old daughter is in the line of fire???

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May thoughts and prayers are for those whom have been physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially; harmed by this despicable act of violence. Especially the little girl.

For every person who was out there that horrible, horrific night; this has negatively forever change 4th of July day for them. They and we the community will never be the same. This shameful disregard for Humanity is not acceptable.

I would like to thank and commend the community for all their support and bringing suspects to Justice. I knew the community would not let us down this time. Harming a child through an act of violence, the no snitching rule does not apply. When an innocent victim is harmed by an active violent, the No snitching rule does not apply. And I'm sure I could name a few of the instances this unsanctioned rule does not apply.

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The no snitching rule NEVER APPLIES

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All victims are somebodies child, regardless of age. The paralyzed man is someone's child.

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Poor little girl.

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Also, poor paralyzed man and his care-takers for life, whoever they may be.

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