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You never know what you'll find in Hyde Park

Phone booth and Latin saying outside Shaw's in Hyde Park

First, there's the seemingly still working pay phone outside the Shaw's on Hyde Park Avenue. And then there's the page with the Latin on it, a phrase that literally means "A crow doesn't pluck out another crow's eye," which is reassuring, at least if one is a crow, but which is an old Roman saying that's equivalent to our "honor among thieves." The saying has been popping up in the southern reaches of the Athens of America for several years now.

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between a corruption in the nation executive and legislative branches, and dubious conduct at the local levels of governance, thieves in honor of thieves makes perfects sense.

Aka Stop Snitching


That was my first thought but how many thugs know Latin?

The Latin Kings.


Thanks, that made my day!

Its the opposite of that.

Statistically, Mass is one of the if the smartest states in the union, however I don't think that study was suggesting we have an erudite criminal element.

the packing tape shows the quote and the tree above it were posted by the same person

the quote's meaning has been established but not it's intention (many are saying its a gang of latin scholars but it COULD be a Harry Potter fan, who knows?)

the tree however could be a reference to Lincoln;

"Character is like a tree and reputation like a shadow. The shadow is what we think of it; the tree is the real thing."

While this may seem to have some kind of deeper meaning, it's also convoluted and not dissimilar to "the writings on the subway wall".


both quotes are used closely together in a Sherlock Holmes book.

Curiouser and curiouser...

... appears to be the tree from the Roxbury Latin seal. This is clearly the work of a very dangerous prep school gang, declining and conjugating without restraint as they terrorize our community.


The Roxbury Latins, are they some kind of hood gang

Let me give you back your family time, while Instacart shops for your groceries and gets delivered within 2 hrs. Now at your local Shaw’s market. Ps I can see the refrigerator in the window where the groceries are held.