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Driver slams into cars and a bicyclist on Columbia Road in Dorchester

WCVB reports on multiple crashes along Columbia Road this morning, allegedly caused by a guy who told one bystander he couldn't stick around because he didn't have a license.

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Running will just make the charges worse when they do catch him.

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If he was OUI, then he escapes that charge, which is the only one that can get you in real trouble when you crash your vehicle into people.

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Can't be charged with OUI for starters.

So long as the penalties for running are less than the penalty for OUI, this will continue to happen. But, that's okay - as a society we have "decided" that killing people with your vehicle is acceptable. Drivers have special rights.

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" then hit a man riding his bike on the sidewalk".

Columbia Road has an unprotected bike lane that is completely unsafe because of the speed of traffic on the road and the epidemic of double parking so I usually ride (safely and courteously) on the sidewalk as do most other folks.

Now I'm wondering what plan C is in Boston to not get killed by car violence.

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is stay out of Boston.

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There should be a protected bus lane on this road. The 16 is useless because of the traffic and double parking.

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Is it just me or has there been an increase of motor vehicle to pedestrian accident in Boston and in Massachusetts. And has there been an increase in motor vehicle to pedestrian accident WITH motor vehicle driver fleeing the scene.

If the answers to those questions are Yes!

Then can anyone tell me what new factors in society that has allowed this to be so?

I believe I have one new Factor, the heroin epidemic. How to say I, Fact, there are heroin addicts currently driving on our roadways and various states of intoxication.

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It's not a new factor; its always been there. Drinking and driving cause more than 10,000 deaths a year.

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Columbia Road near the Polish Triangle....A bad Thanksgiving Day for these folks. No joke intended. Imagine going through this fuck up beyond repair mess with your auto insurance company and not having the information of the person responsible for the car damages. Man ruin my Goddamn holiday spirit after that. This is just a personal note - is this the reason why living in parts of Boston city especially like in Dorchester area my auto premium coverage rate is so damn high? I remember my car insurance broker customer service representative said to me, "oh you live in Roxbury - it is a crime-ridden area. That's why your premium is high." Get the fuck out of here. Because there are wacky drivers out there who don't give a shit of roadway rules and driving reckless. Or gangsters shooting bullets in my area should that apply to my personal auto insurance policy rate. Compare living in the nicer areas like in West Roxbury neighborhood (it does not matter still within Boston metro city lines) or the suburban towns of Sudbury, Dedham, Braintree or Westwood. It is outrageous!! Anyway I hope the authorities find the fool who is responsible. No one should not go through this horseshit on a holiday.

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