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South Station issue raises a question: Can you die of terminal congestion?

A train that died right outside South Station jammed up the tracks and meant delays of up to 20 minutes both inbound and outbound this morning, even after crews managed to push the beast into Fort Point Channel, or whatever it is they do in these more enlightened times with dead trains.

Here is Keolis's initial report on the situation:

Due to terminal congestion caused by a disabled train near South Station's entrance, all trains may experience delays up to 20 minutes in both direction.

Is terminal congestion more painful than industrial disease?


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is a snow clogged horn. The latter was the stated reason for delays on a Franklin Line train.

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An uncoupled train cannot happen without human intervention. This is a human failure

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the train became "uncoupled," which is a little more serious than just a disabled train, leading to the "terminal congestion."

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