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T has to confess: Orange Line a mess

Update, 10:40 a.m.: T says Orange Line trains are rolling again, but with 10-minute delays.

The MBTA, which first reported 15-minute delays on the Orange Line southbound, has now suspended all service entirely on the line between Haymarket and Tufts Medical Center - and telling riders who want to get anywhere between North Station and Copley Square to use the Green Line instead.

The T is reporting a "power problem" at State Street, but Peter Solsticore reports:

Sitting on train now, they are telling us there was a fire at DTX.

Even before downtown service was halted, Brenden reported:

Not mentioned: trains are stopping at Tufts and turning around to go back to Forest Hills, which seems like more than a 15 minute delay.

The first T alert came at 9:52 a.m. - 36 minutes after Lauren Picone reported:

hey, there are SERIOUS delays on the #orangeline. It has taken over 15 minutes to go from Forrest Hills to Jackson. An alert would have been helpful.

From last month:

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Am sitting on train at ruggles, operators says there was a fire, last stop will be Tufts.

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Most of the fires are caused by litter/garbage.

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The problem with enforcing rules of no eating, no smoking, fare enforcement is that inevitably the police that enforce these rules get accused of racism, targeting the poor and homeless and brutality so why would you bother enforcing these rules. Do nothing but do it well.

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Charlie Baker has no trouble getting around, and isn't that what's important?

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to keep that good hair good.

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Him and Marty Walsh, snug in their taxpayer-funded, chauffeured SUVs.

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I thought I heard somewhere that next year the T was going to do the same weekend downtown shutdowns they did/are doing this fall on the Orange and Red lines, only this time there would be some weekday shutdowns as well.

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Can't help but notice that https://newtrains.today/ hasn't seen a new orange line train this holiday season. We seem to be overdue for an update on why both sets of cars have been out of service for over two weeks.

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When you stop doing regular maintenance, you get out of practice. The MBTA has deferred basic maintenance for so long that institutional knowledge about how to set new track, how the complicated power system is set up, etc. has probably been lost. This adds yet another hidden cost to getting everything updated. I obviously have no way to know if that's what happened here, but given the section they shut down is the same as the section that just got all the weekend work, I wouldn't be surprised.

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