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Grove Hall murder victim identified; died a few blocks from where his father was murdered in 2010

Treshawn Boyd

Boston Police report the man who died in a double shooting at Washington and Normandy streets was Treshawn Boyd, 19.

Boyd's father, Jamil Harmon, was himself stabbed to death on Blue Hill Avenue near Columbia Road on Aug. 18, 2010.

Boyd graduated English High School in 2018.

Police say the second man who was shot with Boyd did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Anybody with information on the case can contact homicide detectives at 617-343-4470 or the anonymous tip line by calling 800-494-TIPS or by texting TIP to CRIME (27463).

Boyd was Boston's first murder victim in 2020.



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Did he shoot the other kid or was he an innocent bystander?

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And police are looking for that somebody now.

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Condolences to loved ones. So sad.

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What's so hard to understand?

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This young man lost his father when he was young. He had grandparents, aunts and cousins. He was loved by his family and friends.

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If you knew him.

I've seen a lot of bullshit comments after posts like this, on many news sites. My advice, FWIW, is to ignore them and not look at them and honor and and remember this young man.

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Rest In Peace Treshawn. Your laughter and smile lit up the room. You will be missed by many.

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