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Your local mega-drugmart all out of hand sanitizer? Neighborhood bodegas to the rescue

Egleston Square Main Street went on a sanitizer quest and found several local neighborhood stores stocked with sanitizer and other essentials, such as Tylenol and tissues.




Drugstores are still getting shipments of hand sanitizer, but because that's where everyone goes to look for the stuff, it sells out quickly.

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that’s the subtext here. nobody goes to bodegas for various reasons, yet they have and have always had everything the big stores have.

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Inspired by this thread, I went to a tiny little store that sells ices, along with a scant supply of groceries. They did have two bottles of hand sanitizer, one a Walmart store brand, the other the brand that Dollar Tree sells. Two bucks for each. They do not have 'everything the big stores have,' but it's OK.

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The shop owners must be making a killing!

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In a related story this week: I went to Whole Foods for regular groceries but also figured I'd get a few cans of beans and discovered they were totally cleaned out. The bodega right down Centre St? Fully stocked.

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and are of better quality.

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