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Governor extends school, daycare closings until May 4


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Children cheer, parents hold their head in their hands and sob.

Its the right move, but a challenge for parents.

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My high school junior, not one to cheer about school, was so done with the break by the end of last week.

Their distance learning plan goes into effect next week. I'll see how that affects her mood.

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Especially if they have good friends/ classmates and teachers.
They’re young though. They can roll with punches.

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My HS junior was upset that his spring sport season - the only sport he plays - is not likely to happen at all.

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My 3rd grader is crushed. This is really is really tough on them.

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I'm fortunate. Both my spouse and I can work from home, and our jobs are secure. However, with daycare closed, we are each working 14hr days to care for the baby and get our jobs done. Not withstanding chores. Much worse when baby doesn't want to nap.

We're fortunate in so many ways, but we're already getting fried.

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