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Mayor expects economic revivival in proposed budget that would boost school, capital spending

Mayor Walsh today released his proposed budget for the fiscal year that starts July 1 - a $3.65 billion operating budget that is 4.4% higher than the current year's budget - and a separate, four-year, $3-billion infrastructure budget.

The proposed investments take into account the short and long-term fiscal impact of the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, and are made possible due to six consecutive years of proactive fiscal management that has well-positioned the City of Boston to continue investing in core city services and resident needs at a time of global economic uncertainty.

However, recent increases in city budgets have been fueled in large part by property taxes coming from the boom in construction in the city. Most private construction projects in the city are currently on hold due to Covid-19 concerns.

In addition to the overview of the proposed budget at the link above, the mayor's office has posted additional background information.

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"Here, let me bend over and (expletive) the money out for you."

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That's an odd thing to say to your son.

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How would you respond to your kid (or anybody) asking for money that you didn't have without seeking to do anything to earn it?

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Sorry, I was making a vulgar joke. :O

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So while the rest of us are trying to find out if there will even be a paycheck come July 1, the city is giving everyone a 3% raise, more bennies and then some? Maybe they'll hire a few extra people (we could probably use more cops and EMTs even before this mess), but talk about tone deaf. And of course the schools (which will likely fall to below 50,000 enrollment next year) will get another $100 million with zero accountability because it's what we do.

Will be interesting to see the long term impact on real estate values when this whole mess settles. The mortgage market is turning upside down and people are learning that co-working and remote working are pretty efficient solutions.

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