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Torrential downpour floods North Shore roads

Flooded road in Saugus.

Broadway Jay provides the proof.

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Reported in the South End and Jamaica Plain.


Waltham too; brief flash flooding on Main Street.

Today's weather has prevented me from crossing a couple things off the to-do list, but I'm not even mad. I've been glued to either my windows or my radar app all afternoon. It's nice to have some powerful storms roll through instead of watching them march across the state only to fizzle out around 495 or 128. I obviously feel bad for the folks who are dealing with flooding and power outages, though. If only we could get all the excitement of these storms without the collateral damage.


Is a fair trade for good napping weather on a Sunday.

Some of that thunder though was so loud I thought someone's fireworks cache nearby exploded.

The tweet mentions Saugus and Kowloon wings, but this does not look like Route 1.

at the Melrose/Malden line

You don't have to drive into water that may be deep enough to destroy your vehicle and possibly float you off. Take a moment and think about how much later you will be if you are, well, late.