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Two arrested on gun charges after South Bay traffic stop

State Police report troopers arrested two men on gun charges after the driver of the car they were in was pulled over for a busted headlight on Massachusetts Avenue near the South Bay Mall around 2 a.m.

State Police report troopers called for a tow truck because the driver, Amani Perkins, 21, did not have a license. As they were waiting for the tow:

Two passengers sprinted from the vehicle, with one dropping a loaded handgun.

Troopers Miguel McGovern and Darius McPherson (who just completed his first week on break-in as a new Trooper) quickly ran after one passenger while Trooper Santa ran after the other. Troopers McGovern and McPherson noticed that the man they were chasing was holding something close to his right hip as he ran. After a brief chase the man fell to the ground and gave up. The two Troopers discovered yet another firearm on this suspect. Trooper Santa apprehended the other passenger after a slightly longer pursuit.

Trooper Santa seized a .38 caliber revolver and a 9MM Taurus semi-automatic pistol. Both firearms were fully loaded and had obliterated serial numbers.

Kamiya Santos, 24, and Achabe Rise, 19, were both charged with illegal possession of a firearm and related charges, State Police say.

Perkins was charged with unlicensed operation and an equipment violation. But the way the situation unfolded was similar to the way he was arrested in December on Mission Hill. Then, he was a passenger in a car being pulled over for a traffic violation, only the driver sped away before crashing in Brigham Circle, after which, Boston Police say, Perkins tried to retrieve a gun from the car's rear seat, only to be foiled by Boston officers, who arrested him on gun charges.

Innocent, etc.



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Its the walking route to the methadone clinic from nearby transit stops. In particular, the walk from Andrew to the methadone clinic that is near the jail. That is how the name came about, which is long before it got to the point that its in now.

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That means there will be thousands of car stops for every reason you can think of.


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Massachusetts is a Blue State.

Methadone Mile gets name from the opioid crisis. Methadone is used for management of opioid abuse. There is a methadone clinic on Topeka St and another at the Shattuck in JP. You are thinking of methamphetamine.