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Guy throws paving stones through North End bike store's window

Update: Suspect arrested.

Urban Cycles reports a guy disgruntled that workers at the Atlantic Avenue shop wouldn't let him just take a bike came back and threw three pavers through its large front windows:

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Wow that's aggressive. Times are tough enough for local retail without entitled idiots destroying property because they're upset things didn't go their way.
On a side note: the window-smasher didn't look like or sound like a kid -- that was an adult. Please, let's not blame things on kids when the a*hole is an adult.

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Bring on big brother!

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He was clearly angry. This is what insurance is for. Who are we to judge this man?

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Does he deserve his life ruined over it? More than say Brock Turner does for what he did? Wrong answers only please

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Never mind what he deserves. Let's talk about what the bike shop staff deserve. They deserve to be free of violent assault. Let's talk about what the bike shop owners deserve. They deserve to be able to operate their business without suffering vandalism. Let's talk about what I deserve. I deserve to walk down streets that are free of violent sociopaths.

Aside: Brock Turner deserves to rot in Hell forever.

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Pretty privlidged to me. Please check yours.

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And he's clearly out of control. He may kill someone next time.

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Do you ever wonder why insurance is so expensive?

Here's a prime example right here. A 25 year old man baby throwing a tantrum, who also spit on the cops when he rightfully got arrested.

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No, people throwing rocks through windows is pretty rare.

The reason insurance is so expensive is lawyers.

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Could you give us your address? I’m curious if you might have some property I’d like. Also, you probably don’t need your windows since it is summertime.

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