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Walsh asks for peaceful protests, cautions National Guard will 'be around' just in case

COVID-19 Media Availability 9-25-20

Mayor Walsh told people heading to Nubian Square for a planned Breonna Taylor protest at 6 p.m. that they best way to protest is peacefully.

"I'm asking you to respect each other, I'm asking you to keep it safe, I'm asking you to keep it peaceful," he said at a City Hall press conference.

Walsh said that protests in recent months have shown that Bostonians can achieve progress against systemic racism when they're peaceful and asked people attending the protest tonight to remember that their younger brothers and sisters will be watching what they do.

Still, Walsh noted that Gov. Baker has activated 1,000 members of the National Guard to be on the ready should cities and towns request them. "They'll be around," he said when asked if he would be calling any in. "I'm hoping we won't need them," he said.




Sounds completely reasonable.
Someone has to protect the marchers from the thugs.

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There will be a bicycle Ride for Black Lives tomorrow, Saturday September 26, assembling at 11:30 am at White Stadium in Franklin Park. This will be the fourth such ride. Join us.

Facebook event page

None of the previous rides have required National Guard protection, and I don't expect this one will, either.

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and the usual stickers and signs ("Dont step on the snake", Punisher Skulls, III%er insignia, SIG logos, etc) on vehicles in and around the area and nearby garages.

Be on the lookout for the usual suburban agitators who will be trying to blend in and provoke violence or destruction.

But most of all be safe and charge your external batteries.

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I'm sure deploying the National Guard to a protest could never result in violence...


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