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Hey, don't you dare turn your back on me when I'm gobbling at you!

Angry turkey and cop in Somerville

Somerville turkey likes donuts, takes no guff from cops. Photo by Greg Cook.

After a turkey family visited his family backyard, Greg Cook began to wonder what the deal is with all these turkeys in the Boston area. He wound up interviewing Jim Cardoza of MassWildlife, who led the effort to restore wild turkeys to Massachusetts in the 1970s, a century after they'd been hunted to extinction here.

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This was adorable & informative. Thanks for sharing!


more than "LOL". It is so often used to punctuate a miserable, granddad-lame attempt at humor: "See? I'm laughing OUT LOUD at my own joke, so it must be *totally hilarious!* Get it? GET IT?!"

99% of the time, "LOL" makes me cringe. Never end your quip by waggling your eyebrows and jabbing your elbow into the ribs of your audience, you pitiful wannabe vaudeville comic. If it's actually funny, I don't need your LOL-prompt, ever.

It doesn't help that half the time it carries the cringe-inducing whiff of parents trying to sound hip with youth slang. "Jesus, Mom, don't ever use the word 'lit' within my hearing again."

With those caveats, I must admit, on seeing that photo, I LOLed.

Turkeys may occasionally be a menace, but fundamentally they are hideous and hilarious creatures, LOL! (See what I mean?)


I am reminded of an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" where some obnoxious woman said "L-O-L" out loud every time she thought something was funny. Larry David said "why do you do that?". She said "I'm laughing". He said, "saying L-O-L is not laughing. It's VERBAL TEXTING!". Lol!


Don't forget the people who say that other three-syllable acronym instead of a three-syllable phrase.



20 years ago LOL was all the rage of AOL and ICQ. And then it suddenly became uncool, something only to be typed by someone's oblivious Mom. "Ha" replaced LOL which actually made sense since no one actually LOL when they LOL.

And then for unexplained reasons the LOL tide came back. It's once again acceptable if not preferred to use the acronym. Maybe all the people saving up keystrokes by typing k instead of ok felt they could spend their bounty on the three character lol instead of an efficient ha.



right there. What say the Turkey Liberation Fronters? What was this cop's crime ?


ACAB - All Cops Are Basters


...I had no idea turkeys had been reintroduced to MA.


that turkey didn't grab the cop's gun while his back was turned.

along with the best strutters in his flock. I want to see the Gallopavo Krewe of Meleagris in the next Mardis Gras parade.

The human part of the parade will probably be cancelled, so the turkeys, who unlike humans do not consort with bats, will have the field to themselves.


"I went to Hyde Park and had no problem getting a chocolate cruller and a small black coffee. I come to Somerville and you're writing a ticket? I'm going back to Charlestown; at least they think I'm adorable there."