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Northeastern becomes one of first US universities to begin vaccinating workers

With 200 dose of the Moderna vaccine distributed by the state, Northeastern has started vaccinating its front-line workers - for example, those who work in health services.




This is the sort of stuff that will actually help to speed up vaccinations, and I hope that other organizations with similar capabilities step up to the plate.

Yes, this is partially self-serving for NU to do this, as it will make the NU community safer, but as part of the state vaccination program, they are vaccinating those who already qualify for the current phase of vaccinations. For every NU community member who can receive their vaccinations through the University, that means one less person in line at whatever other venues exist for them. Hopefully that means someone else who qualifies can get vaccinated sooner, or that we can move to the next phases faster.

The school clearly recognized that it had a qualified and capable staff on hand that could dedicate some of their efforts towards vaccination on top of their existing workload, which as we've noted in previous stories on here, is a limiting factor to how quickly places like hospitals can provide vaccinations.

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So happy to hear that NU folks are getting vaccinated.I wish other universities would take similar actions. Spring semester is approaching quickly and our front line workers need to be vaccinated.

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