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Pine Street Inn proposal to digitize South End billboards gets dim reception

The Boston Sun reports members of the the East Berkeley Neighborhood Association were less than thrilled at a proposal by the Pine Street Inn to replace the static billboards atop its South End building with electronic signboards, even though some of the time on them would be devoted to PSAs and the extra revenue would help the non-profit with its programs.

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The living end, They pay their CEO 250k+ a year and service delivery is questionable, workers salaries low. . They lease the Harrison Ave building for pennies, house every child molester in MA. and are responsible for hundreds of intoxicated people roaming Boston daily. They want a funding stream? They don't need to grow. It would be nice if they paid taxes too to help with all the emergency service cost their residents burden the Taxpayers with.

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Nearby residences. Be grateful you have a market rate roof over your entitled head .

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I'm fine with digital billboards in principle, but in practice they often have moving or even flashing images that are *horribly* distracting to drivers, and are sometimes too bright even in the daytime.

If they could be restricted to change only once per minute and no more bright than a flood-illuminated standard billboard, I'd be fine with it...

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During the daytime, the intense light is necessary to make them visible. At night however they're brighter than headlights. Why these things can't be installed with an ambient brightness sensor to scale back their intensity as needed, I do not understand. Even some cell phones can do this.

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Billboards trash the neighborhood, and electronic ones take it up a notch.

They make money for the billboard owner. The rest of us pay.

They have no business in Boston.

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