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Dorchester man admits he secretly videoed students in restrooms at Boston Latin School

Eric Tran Thai, 36, pleaded guilty to two counts of possession of child pornography yesterday for incidents in which he would sit in a stall in boys' rooms at Boston Latin School and surreptitiously video students in 2017, the US Attorney's office reports.

Thai is now scheduled for sentencing on May 13 on two counts of possession of child pornography. He had initially also been charged with sexual exploitation of minors, but those charges were dropped in a superseding set of charges prosecutors filed yesterday.

According to court documents, Thai somehow managed to get into the school ten times between February and December, 2017 to make his videos of students in adjacent stalls - via a camera in a backpack he'd place on the floor near a stall separator - or at urinals.

Following his arrest for similar alleged activity at Boston College in 2018, investigators found 45 videos of male Boston Latin School in the restrooms and arrested him in March, 2019.

He faces state charges, in Middlesex Superior Court, for the BC incidents.

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Although, in the overall scheme of things he didn't rape, torture, or kill, still, after reading that article, I need a shower.

Boston Latin has showers

And yet for Jim Jordan, crickets...

Joining other Trumpian luminaries like David Nunes and Rush Limbaugh.

gets you two counts of possession of child pornography???


They demanded pervert equity for their schools as a remedy.

On a related note, you mean Latin actually lets you have doors on bathroom stalls now? Are the toilet paper rolls not located on the poles at the top of the stalls with chains going through the center? That's progress people.

There's something very odd about this. In this day and age, nobody is reporting a unattended backpack? Or if the guy was with the backpack and pretending to be using the bathroom himself, nobody noticed this strange guy loitering around the bathrooms consistently and frequently enough to get all these videos? How oblivious are these people at Boston Latin?

He was right in the stall with it - and often watching the video live, according to court documents. I'll go out on a limb and suggest that he had his stall door shut so nobody could see that he was not another BLS kid.

I mean, it says he was in a stall right in the first paragraph, so maybe before chortling about oblivious BLS students, go back and re-read the post.


I have to agree that a 30-something intruder should have been noticed. Poor job by adults charged with educating and protecting kids.

Source: my kid who says they're usually full of kids vaping with no penalty.

It is (was?) not atypical to have guests and other personnel on school grounds for various reasons other than students and staff. Could be guest speakers, recruiters, parents, donors, visiting alumni, volunteers, and so on and so forth. I wouldn't think it'd be too difficult to not stick out like a sore thumb, especially if someone knows his/her way around the school like this creep did. Plus, this creep may have been on some alumni relations board or similar (I'm basing this on unsubstantiated memory so please don't quote me), so if that's the case, it may not have been completely obvious that his presence would've raised eyebrows.

...why can't we have floor to ceiling walls in our bathrooms like in every other country in the world?


Of a former Boston City Councilor that used to troll the men's rooms at Northeastern in mid 90's, although to his credit, I guess, his audience was 18+

The one who in the mid-90's who borrowed my wife's textbook and then would not give it back?

The one where my now wife, then engaged to me, had to go to his apartment and bang on the door twice until he gave back the book three weeks later? The one who my wife would not give me his last name knowing I would have thrown him off of the Dalton Street garage next to his apartment if I found out it was him?

By the way, David "Pervert" Scondras - so called because he was legally found to be a molester in 2007, was training at while trolling men's rooms at Northeastern in the 90's to be a junior high teacher. Nice.

OMG John Costello and I just found common ground.

2021 is going to be interesting!

I don't know anything about your personal history with the guy, but we all knew Scondras was a trolling perv after he sexually assaulted that 16 year old tourist back in 1996. Sure, it took another 10 years before he's be charged with anything, but still.

You literally could not use a urinal in Dodge Hall at any time of day...

Everyone knew he was a molester but since he was a City Councilor and a Gay Rights advocate (and a very effective one at that), a lot of people looked the other way on his poor actions with teenage boys. Same thing with a lot of priests and WBCN drive time DJ's.


Based on the information in the press release, this guy may very well have wandered the same halls...