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Truck in trouble

Big crane lifts big truck

It takes a big crane to lift a big truck. Photo by Tony Bove.

Cambridge Day has the blow by blow of the big-rig driver getting his truck stuck on a railing on Alewife Brook Parkway at the Fresh Pond Mall.




Looks like an Ever Givening.

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It's fun to imagine how a car would behave if it ramped off it -- double Axel, maybe? I had never considered how a truck making a narrow turn would handle it, though.

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That isn't that narrow a turn. It is a wide single lane slip lane with a easy radius flowing onto a two-lane roadway.

My brain hurts trying to think about how exactly the driver managed to do that.

I think the driver just misjudged it or their speed.

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but it looks like the driver made too tight a turn (hugging the curb) even though they could have handled it just fine.

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...dragging the back end over the guardrail. I know that spot. That took some willful ignorance.

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you've gotta understand, trucks are going to hit you (and then get stuck on top of you).

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