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So few campaign signs have a sense of place

Fiore hopes to turn the tide in District Five

So a round of applause for Al Fiore, who is running for the city council in Revere, specifically in Ward 5, which as you can see by the map below, is certainly one of Revere's more tide-enhanced areas.

His opponent, incumbent John Powers, has flooded the area with signs, but they are boring and might just as well be for somebody running for city council in Iowa.

Map of Revere's Ward 5

Map via Revere's Public GIS Site.


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I live in Revere and liked it so much better when such signs were prohibited.
That changed a few years ago when the ordinance was challenged in court and the court ruled it was a violation of free speech. Now they're everywhere and an eye sore.
I see some front lawns with as many as 6 to 8 signs.

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Unfortunately, it was the Supreme Court that overturned those prohibiting laws. You know the right to free speech.

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The Iowa of Massachusetts?

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No, Iowa is white. Revere is not. Revere voted for Biden by a 2-1 margin. Iowa did not. Nice try though. Do better.

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Claiming that you can turn the tide suggests a fatal hubris. Cnut the Great ruled an empire, but knew he could not command the tides.

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Cnut was but a lowly emperor. A Revere city councilor, though - that's where the real power lies.

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There's Michael Flaherty with his Zakimized signs. And Erin Murphy has a map of Boston on hers.

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