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Rotary Rotary sign taken out; latest JP parkway pole to be knocked out by errant motorist

Downed pole in Jamaica Plain

2021 ended with a bang for a utility pole at Murray Circle - the large rotary at one corner of the Arnold Arboretum - when a motorist plowed into it last month.

"Now how will people know where the Rotary Club is meeting?" one nearby resident mused as she sent off the latest photo to UHub of proof that people who drive along the Jamaicaway, the Arborway and Centre Street seem to have a collective wish to knock out every single utility pole and fence along the roads until the city and then to keep knocking them out


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Hahah motorists never seem to fail in one upping each other

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Voting closed 14

Now that isn’t funny at all. That is just an example of why many humans can’t handle being behind the wheel
Of a giant hunk of steel. We really need to make red light cameras and speed traps more ubiquitous. Wreckless drivers have it way too easy

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I wish they didn't wreck so much while being reckless.

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How will they know they are driving in a rotary?

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With all the white paint they put there there is hardly any space for cars to fit in.

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Maybe there needs to be concrete barriers.

The road modifications will continue until drivers can behave.

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