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The Red Line decides to screw; there's a dead train at Andrew

A Red Line train gave up the ghost at Andrew. The T reported delays of 20 minutes as the train sat there, moldering, but now that they've brought it out back and service has resumed, delays have increased to 25 minutes.

Olivia Mauricio is one unhappy rider. Very unhappy:

Just finished my shift at MGH. I’m up to 52 hrs of work in the last 6 days and I’m working another 12 hours tomorrow. I’ve been stuck in the red line for 30 minutes because of a disabled train ahead of us… the conductor just said “I’m sorry, you know the trains are outdated”

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Public safety emergency crisis. Government fails to call it so I will. Embarrassing and scary. I hope to God no catastrophic disaster happens.

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The T has been saying that for decades…

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I hope nobody on that train was on their way to see Charlie Baker pat himself on the back for how frugally and efficiently he has run the state's transportation

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