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West Roxbury Little League ump with child-porn collection got Iowa girl to send him nudes while he was at work in Brookline courthouse, DA says

Michael O'Reilly of West Roxbury, who was arrested on child-porn charges in October, has been indicted on additional charges, based in part on records obtained from a mobile messaging app he was allegedly using to exchange sexual images with a girl halfway across the country, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

O'Reilly, previously umpire coordinator for the Parkway Little League in West Roxbury and a Brookline District Court probation officer, is scheduled for arraignment in Suffolk Superior Court next month on charges of trafficking a person for sexual servitude for enticing a minor to create and send him sexual images and videos, distribution of child sexual abuse materials [child pornography], dissemination of a matter harmful to a minor, posing a child in a state of nudity, and three counts of possession of child sexual abuse materials.

The DA's office says the broader indictment is the result of investigators continuing to look into O'Reilly after he was arrested last October and arraigned in West Roxbury Municipal Court; the work included a subpoena to get records of his interactions on the Kik messaging app:

That search revealed that O’Reilly had an ongoing relationship with a minor female in Iowa. The relationship was memorialized in sexual images, videos, and audio files exchanged between the two, include those in which O’Reilly instructed the victim to create and share sexual images and videos. Many of the video files appear to have been recorded inside the Brookline District Court Probation Department. He is charged with human trafficking for enticing the minor to create sexual materials.

Boston Police, Homeland Security, the FBI and the DA's office began investigating O'Reilly after receiving a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children about him allegedly sharing pornographic material on Kik. The DA's office says such material was found on devices at his home during a raid.

Innocent, etc.


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I can imagine the reception he'll get in the can from anyone who was under his charge previously.

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I felt the need to shower after reading all of that. Gross

I hope that poor girl is gonna get some professional help...

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Something something Supreme Court Justice something something.

I don't like that many people and am neutral towards most, but this guy... I want to do something so my skin crawling goes away.

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