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Half-naked Red Line pud puller nabbed, police say


Transit Police report arresting the man they say got on the Red Line at Ashmont last Thursday, carefully took off his pants and underwear, then got off before leaving the train at Savin Hill.

Walter Horsley, 43, was arrested at his home, somewhere in Boston, on a charge of open and gross lewdness, police say.

Police credited both diligent detective work and "valuable tips from the public" with leading them to Horsley.

Innocent, etc.

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43 years old and doing that kind of stuff? Grow up dude.

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There'll be another pervert on the train again soon. Fact of public transit.

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I'm certain this is a mental health issue, and that there have been indications that this person needed help.

It probably should have been addressed long before it came to this.

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The problem is that none of these mental health (and addiction) issues CAN be addressed without the willingness to be helped on the part of the person who needs the help. Otherwise, what can be done? Lock the guy up in chains and say "this will keep you from getting naked on the T"? It's the exact reason things are always at such a standstill over at Mass & Cass. Nobody there WANTS to be helped.

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Do you think he will beat it? Pun intended!

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he's a whack job

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