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Southern bird comes up for visit

White ibis

Mary Ellen was among the birders who spotted this white ibis along the Charles in Brighton today - roughly 1,000 miles north of the bird's normal range.

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Have seen those on beaches in Florida, but much whiter than this one.

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They have this mixed coloring for the first couple of years of their lives. I wonder what a younin' is doing all the way up there!

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looks like a painting. Mary Ellen does it again.

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... but all these stories about 'rarely seen southern bird' appears 1000 miles north of it's range are kind of a bummer in terms of being climate chance indicators.

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If there were a lot of a particular species, then yes that would be a bummer. But there are always outliers who get lost or are a little hardier, and that's one of the ways a species expands its range.

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I was looking at the sightings map and it seems there were a lot of sightings in the northeast even as high as Atlantic Canada. It may be the same bird that was sighted but maybe not.

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That's a sunnier way to look at it.

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Researchers and NPS rangers are finding increasing numbers of trees and plants that are not native to the Northeast taking hold in Acadia. These are southern species that are moving northward and putting the existing ecosystem at risk.

On Point did a show on the impact of climate change on our National Parks.

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The National Phenology Network has loads of data on things like blueberry ripening dates and other observations of natural and seasonal phenomena: https://www.usanpn.org/home

There are even maps, models, and data visualization tools.

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