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Man waiting for a bus in Cambridge peppered with Orbeez gel capsules, police say

Cambridge Police report a man was sitting at a bus stop on the Arlington-bound side of Mass. Ave. around noon yesterday when a white pickup slowed and the driver "fired projectiles" at him, which police say were likely gel filled balls for which guns are now available. The man suffered minor injuries, police say.

Orbeez outrage in Concord.


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Would love to see how they/their parents would react if such incidents were treated as drive-by shootings - which they are.

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This happened to me yesterday while I was standing on the sidewalk in Union Square, Somerville.

I’m fine.

But out of nowhere, I got pelted with a burst of… I had no idea what. I thought a pickup truck driving by might have kicked up some roadside gravel or something, but i couldn’t find anything like that on me or on the sidewalk around me. I did feel a wet spot in my hair, and thought I might have been bleeding, but that wasn’t it.

Now that I’m aware of this TikTok prank, I’m pretty sure the same thing happened to me, and I got shot by someone with one of the stupid pellet squirt gun things.

And yeah, it isn’t lost on me that this was, in a “funny” but real sense, a drive-by shooting.

I’m not amused.

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Finding the right toy gun can be a difficult task. There are so many different ones that it's easy to get lost. But what do children really want? They often want toys that can be used in different ways.

Arrested development for this roaming tool.

Okay... driving and shooting is dangerous, driving your pal who called "Shotgun!" around to fire wet spots at strangers just might draw fire. Or handy rocks or pocket change hurled at the vehicle. But are the lulz worth coming across to everybody else as a pathetic loser?

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1) OMG I want an Orbeez gun (to use with people who are consensually deciding to play, obv).

2) There is case law that shooting someone with plain water is battery when the other person is not expecting it/there isn't any type of game going on that they're engaging with/etc. Water in general doesn't harm anyone, but the idea is that it's battery because you touched them without consent in a way that in many contexts feels threatening and pisses people off. I would hope that shooting a stranger with something somewhat solid would be grounds for charges.

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People are found with illegal firearms and let free. Do you think some toy gun is going to get locked up? It’s absolutely bonkers!

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Can you narrow down where this occurred? The Arlington bound side of Mass Ave covers from MIT to Alewife Parkway I think :-)

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