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Gentlemen prefer blondes

Man and blonde dummy on a motorcycle in Coolidge Corner

Turlach MacDonagh spotted this couple in Coolidge Corner today.

Headline thanks to Andrew Hong.


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Motorcycles do not need additional passengers to use HOV lanes.


That's a new one on me.

Not a good way to avoid notice from cops.

… she is beyond the point of needing one.

blasts classic rock and 1980's hair band metal down Brighton Ave every once in a while. I haven't noticed the classy lady on the back though.

Sure why not? Try living at Forest Hills JP/Hyde Park Ave. Engines and music blasting much, much louder. If you can't beat 'em (and nobody wants to), then join 'em !!!

I've seen this guy riding through Allston many a time and he has a really loud audio system hooked up to his bike, blasting classic rock while motoring along with his dead girlfriend in tow.
Rock on, biker dude!