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Roslindale market held up at gunpoint; suspect arrested inside store

Boston Police report officers responding to an armed-robbery call at the R&R Convenience Store, 4355 Washington St. in Roslindale around 6:50 p.m. yesterday pulled up while the suspect was still inside:

Upon seeing the officers coming through the front door, the suspect immediately turned and ran towards the rear of the building while clutching at the waist band area of his pants. Officers pursued the suspect into a darkened storage area at which time the suspect began to turn back towards the officers while pulling a silver firearm from the left side of his pants. The officers charged the suspect who dropped the gun as he was being taken into custody. Officers then recovered a .380 caliber Pietro Beretta handgun with a high capacity magazine and an obliterated serial number.

Michael Hernandez, 25, of Roslindale, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm, possession of a high-capacity feeding device, possession of a firearm with an obliterated serial number and armed robbery.

Innocent, etc.

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Heroic work.
Kudos again!
Great work and training for all these incidents to end with arrests and not shootings.

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Wonder where the gun originated?

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Make sure to remember the name of Mr Hernandez. Why? Well because this is Massachusetts - and our "super-strict" judges will pretty much ensure that (despite and armed robbery, ILLEGAL firearm, obliterated serial number, large cap feeding device, resisting arrest, etc.) He will get a slap on the wrist and be back out on the street s of Rozzie in no time.

Bit wait, Massachusetts has really strict gun laws, right?. Well, that's correct, we do, for law-abiding citizens, and that's a good thing. So when a criminal violates these laws, and commits a VIOLENT felony in possession of said ILLEGAL firearm, shouldn't the penalty be punishment to the full extent of the law (including the un-enforced mandatory year in jail)?

Haha. This is Massachusetts.

See you in the neighborhood soon Mr. Hernadez. How long until we read about your next crime in UHub? I give it a year tops

Great job BPD for taking this scumbad off the streets, even if only for a short time.

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This argument gets brought up every time someone with a prior arrest is involved in another crime (or is brought up pre-emptively, like this post). It's bogus as a blanket argument and intellectually dishonest about how our justice system works. You don't go from being arrested to a sentencing hearing.

A suspect doesn't get sentenced just because they got arrested -- it requires a conviction by a jury (or a guilty plea). District attorneys can choose to not to pursue cases where evidence is lacking, or go to court without a solid case to prove beyond the high standard it takes for a jury to convict. It can be sloppy work on the DA's part, or it can be police failing/unable to gather sufficient evidence.

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That also happens a lot.

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a conviction? a jury? what are those?

I'm aware of how our justice system works - thanks for the lesson though.

And if you fail to see that Massachusetts has a serious issue with lenient sentencing (not to mention the decisions our parole board) then I'm not the one being dishonest.

When Boston police are forced to arrest the same impact players and again and again - when short jail sentences are a mark of street cred for criminals rather than a punishment - when our gun laws do NOTHING to deter criminals from carrying them illegally - we have major problems.

I understand the court system, I also understand that there are violent predators in my neighborhood and that when convicted, judges should have the safety and interests of law-abiding citizens above those of the (often repeat) violent criminal.

Want to see a change in gun crimes? Enforce the laws we have, and try to pass laws that make possession of an illegal firearm a mandatory 5-year sentence - and possession of an illegal firearm (in the commission of a violent assault) a mandatory 10-year sentence. That would make at least some of these punks think twice.

Short of that - nothing will change.

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