Another violent incident near set of violent movie: South End purse snatcher charged with menacing cops with a knife

Boston Police report officers working a detail on the set of Denzel Washington's Equalizer 2 move in the South End used pepper spray, rather than their guns, to subdue a purse snatcher who advanced on them with a knife.

Police say Victor Lee, 52, of Dorchester, grabbed a woman's purse in a store in the area of Shawmut Avenue and Union Park Street around 4:30 p.m. yesterday.

As the officers went to approach the suspect, they observed a large knife in his hand as he turned around and began to advance towards them. An officer drew his firearm as the distance quickly began to close while ordering him to drop his weapon. The suspect then changed direction, knife still in hand, and opened the passenger side door of a stopped motor vehicle and quickly climbed inside. The startled operator was able to exit the vehicle as the officers began to surround it. As an officer approached, the suspect threw his knife out of the window, directly at the officer, narrowly missing him. At this time, the officers sprayed the suspect with pepper spray and were then able to remove him from the car and place him in custody after a violent struggle. Several officers and the suspect were treated on scene for exposure to the pepper spray.

A Boston Municipal Court judge today set bail at $25,000 on charges of armed carjacking, assault with a dangerous weapon, carrying a dangerous weapon, larceny over $250 and resisting arrest, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Earlier this month, two security guards at an Equalizer 2 set on Whittier Street in Roxbury were shot.



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Our psychotic entertainment industry

Used to be sufficient that villains on movies and tv were violent and greedy, but then they became pervs and torturers on top of it. Harvey Weinstein is a real life monster, but we love the fictional version too much to be sincere in our condemnation.

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Hi there

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Just wondering - can you explain how that is connected to a purse snatching nearby?

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