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Person shot off Ruggles Street

In the leg, shortly before 5:40 p.m. in the rear of 260 Ruggles St., near Annunciation Road.

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Heat St. and MHP continue to trade shots? Where is the proactive policing here? If a regular guy on uHub is able to connect the dots, then BPD should be as well. I'm wondering why there hasn't been a large-scale operation to end this, e.g. Columbia Point style? Maybe (naïvely) there is...






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Thanks Detective.

But it’s Heath St., not Heat St.


a BPD cop

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Good job, Officer, thanks for resolving the prevalent issue of grammatical errors. It's not as though the gun crimes have increased by 21% this year in this city. Glad Mayor Carcetti can't run again after Bostonians (stupidly) voted for him.

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Instead of jumping over autocorrect maybe do your job. What's the murder case clearance rate in Boston? ~50%?

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Go to their Facebook page. They are literally pulling multiple guns off the street daily.

I commend them because that’s an incredibly brave thing to do. You critique from the safety of your home.

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Wouldn’t make such a “correction”—

Mildred Haley, aka Brom-Vegas has been known as “Heat St.” for years. Heat is an allusion to “heater” also known as a gun. Miami Heat hats are thus part of the official uniform...keep up the good work ya fake flare floot-

This actually had nothing to do with Heat “beef”—Moreover, you would be surprised how much of this is “inter-hood” beef sprinted on by shit talking on Facebook about status, “product” or endeavors of the flesh...

The Mayor don’t care about the uptick in this crap because in two more years there will be no violence as there will be no more gangs: the BHA will go under or become a vestige of it self asbit will prob only choose retain the elderly portfolio (because this is where they vote) and with no true affordable housing in Boston, all the section 8 and Fed subsid. Housing will be sent down the line to Brockton and Fall Riva/ New Beige. Mixed usage won’t work...

Wiz approved.

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Let’s not play dumb and act like it’s not nicknamed heat street they do wear the Miami heat sports gear we know is bromley Heath projects but in streets they call it heat

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They shud be taking thier anger out on the ppl taking over our city . turning the whole city flavorless dry corny no rhythm gay and stuck up lol..your economic status holds no weight in the next dimension. Land grabbers and culture vultures remixin society for thier own sick twisted plots of evil and deception. That plain mail tht arrives 2 ya doorstep iz deadly god lmao

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