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Failed Back Bay fare evader bites cop in the head, police say


Transit Police report a man caught trying to get down to the Orange Line at Back Bay without paying reacted to the news he was under arrest by grappling with an officer and biting him in the head this morning.

The cop managed to keep him - and a pal who did get through the fare gates for free- under control until reinforcements arrived to take them away and an ambulance arrived to take him to the hospital for treatment of the bite wound, police say.

Police say the incident began around 10:45 a.m. when Cormac Paine-O'Brien, 20, homeless, snuck into the Orange Line behind a paying customer - which got the attention of a red-vested "ambassador," who went up to him and demanded he pay his fare.

At the same time, Michael Chadwick, 36, also homeless and with a bag, tried to simply muscle his way in and pry one of the gates open, police say. He was unsuccessful at that and but then noticed the Paine-O'Brien and the ambassador:

When Chadwick's efforts were rebuffed by the gates he threw the bag to the ground and menacingly proceeded towards the MBTA Ambassador.

A Transit officer who happened to be in the station heard the commotion and went over:

Both Paine-O'Brien and Chadwick refused to identify themselves and Chadwick continued being disorderly. At this time both subjects were informed they were under arrest. At this time Chadwick violently assaulted the officer, during the struggle Chadwick bit the officer on his head.

Both were taken to Transit Police headquarters for booking - Chadwick on charges of aggravated assault, being disorderly and resisting arrest and Paine-O'Brien for refusing to identify himself after fare evading.

Innocent, etc.

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Human bites are nasty.
That officer will now have to have a bunch of tests, possibly hiv meds, and a long few months of worry before being retested.
Let's hope the subject cooperates with testing......

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Wow. No wonder MBTA employees aren't strict about trying to catch fare-jumpers. No way would I go after someone if I thought there was a possibility I'd be assaulted.

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I am surprised the ambassador did that. When ever I've worked where there's loss prevention, that's rule #1, just let the product go. No product/money is worth saving over your life.

Then again..

Ambassador = non union, contracted employee probably making 11/hr with not much training

Because you'd never see a real MBTA employee do that. Their union probably doesn't allow it, and as it should be (meaning, not allowed). Fare enforcement is T Police's job, not the fare collectors, or in this case, the Ambassador.

The should have just called T Police instead.

Just another reason why the T needs to move to POP (Proof of Purchase), so it's TPD's job to enforce fare collection and spot check people. And NOT any one else's job.

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T-cops have to be crazy to enforce fare evading. If the officer wins the fight he or she will be accused of brutality if they loose the fight they end up in the hospital. Either way they will be laughed out of court when the judge finds that the arrest was for fare evasion by the homeless.

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....Meanwhile the public is constantly on social media and the complaint lines, crying for them to do something about all the fare evasion going on. No win

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HOMELESS + JOBLESS + MENTAL ILLNESS = ANGER AT THE WORLD. This person is a tickung timebomb along with many others like him walking among us in this city. If this is going to be laughed out of court, then what's the back up plan?

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