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Man robbed at gunpoint, tased in East Boston

On Bennington Street, between Moore and Byron streets, around 10:50 p.m.

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This is only a block or so from my home. Usually at this time of night, there's a reasonable number of people out and about, walking to and from the T. I've never thought of it as a risky area for being mugged.

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This seems really odd to me as well. I'm very familiar with that neighborhood. It's one of the quieter parts of East Boston, even along Bennington St, and yes, it is also fairly well-traveled, mostly by residents going to / returning from Wood Island station. I wonder what the story is. Tased?! Crazy!

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I saw cop cars doing at least 60 mph without sirens blaring down lower Bennington st going towards heights area around 10 or 10:30 last night .

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I live on this block and find this story frightening. I was out walking my dog not too long before this happened.

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