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Winthrop man charged with using hypodermic needle in South End robbery

Boston Police report arresting Mark Mazzone, 30, of Winthrop, on charges he threatened to stab a man with a hypodermic needle during a robbery around 9:30 last night behind 29 East Springfield St. in the South End.

Police say the victim handed over cash from his wallet and Mazzone then ran away - only to be stopped a short time later about a half-mile away on Southampton Street in Newmarket Square by police officers who'd heard his description on their radio:

Officers then recovered the hypodermic needle from the suspect’s right pants pocket along with the stolen currency.

Mazzone is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of armed robbery, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and making threats, police say.

Innocent, etc.



He moved past that limit.

Glad they caught him. Hope there are resources to help him.

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