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Two fail in knifepoint purse snatching in Dorchester, stick around, get arrested, police say

Boston Police report arresting two men on armed-robbery charges after, police say, they failed to wrest a woman's purse and phone away even after waving a knife in her face.

Police say Joseph Lucas, 22, and Audrey Frederick, 20, went after a woman walking in front of 450 Talbot Ave., near Welles, shortly before 10 a.m. on Tuesday.

Both suspects were observed grabbing the victim’s purse and continuously trying to rip it from her hands. Suspect #1 (Lucas), attempted to take the victim’s iPhone out of her hand while holding a black folding knife to her face. The victim was able to wrestle away from both suspects and fled into a nearby office building to call for help.

Police say arriving officers found the two across the street and arrested them.

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"Audrey" is one of two males? Regardless, they should seek the pickpocket reduction and 364 day sentence from D.A. Conley like the bank robbery (twice) green card holder released to kill two Medical Doctors.

Or roll the dice for new Suffolk D.A. on national Fox TV tonight saying she won't prosecute many crimes on the books and won't cooperate with ICE. God Bless the BPD who must deal with this every day only to get worse in January. FYI, no prosecution as of January for shoplifting so help yourself, no prosecution for drug distribution or resisting arrest! Can't wait. Where is Althea Garrisson when we need him/her?

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She's talking, as she did throughout the campaign, about non-violent crimes, which this wasn't.

And ICE has nothing to do with this, which you know, but care to ignore.

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As for the blood on Conley's hands, I recall a remarkable, eloquent, older female bank teller, who insisted on turning her back to the camera, saying she was terrified while being robbed and willing to testify but was never called. The reason? A sentence more than a year would trigger deportation so two bank robberies were lowered to pickpocket and the green card holder released to murder two great Medical Doctors. She would have been a great witness but sanctuary city ruled the day.

A heroin overdose is a violent crime if you've ever seen one beyond salvation of Narcan. Rigor Mortis is tough to witness but sale of heroin now apparently OK under new DA? "Big Mike's" shoplifting in Ferguson, MO looked pretty scary too, new DA says she won't prosecute shoplifting. Can't wait to visit some of the high end stores and markets in Suffolk County to grab a few items! I don't sell drugs but seems like an open market, won't prosecute, good investment!

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Adam, I usually agree with you. But I feel I don't on this one. As a woman, I think the actions of these 2 men with the knife caused mental injury to this poor woman. So sick of reading about almost all of these crimes caused by males, and a good number of them against us. NO MORE!

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I'm not arguing Rollins wouldn't prosecute these two - this is clearly a violent crime. Some guy who doesn't live in Suffolk County is the one arguing we're about to become Thunderdome because the majority of Democratic voters decided it was time for a change in the DA's office.

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when you say :police say" makes me wonder are they even telling you the truth lol maybe its just me

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